Full Metal Combat is a collection of mecha based games that all take part inside the Metalverse. Current focus is on the "FMC: Generals" title which is a turn based strategy card game where you play as an invading General trying to take over land important to your nation.

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This post give a more in depth look in to what make Full Metal Combat.

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Back Story:

World:The world of FMC is one that was compleatly consumed by the longest and largest war ever see by man. This war went on for many generation till it was just the way it was and every one excepted it, if another nation did some thing you did not agree with or has some thing you wanted then you would just go to war over it to decide who was right. This war devided the world in to four great nations. Three of those nations were at war with each other but the fourth stayed nutral and used there superior tech to keep them that way. Eventually the leaders of the nutral nation decided apon a plan to stop the war by replacing the bloody battles that were being fought to decide disagreements with a controlled combat competition where no one would die. To acheave this they constructed a massive floating city that was built out of there strongest matterials to widstand the constant combat. The purpose built this city to work with a set of rules that they had made up to give the competition structure and order, then they contacted the other three nations informed them of there plan and that they would be inforcing it, so a small show of there strength was demonstrated.

Villain:Max Scoville is from the C nation and was the most notorius General of the war as well as the most violent. He was a good strategist who one many important battles for his nation but his methods of winning were extream. He would attack any target no matter the size with out mercy and never took prisoners this reckless combat stlye led to many victorys and many deaths under his comand, this ruthless behavior did not earn him any respect and he was the least liked of all the generals even on his side, the only thing that kept him in power was the fact that he got results. Once the city competition started many generals retired as they were no longer needed how ever Max threw him self at the competition where he eventually managed to get the number one rank in the game which he has never lost this has giving him and his nation massive opertunities in this new world order.

PC1:The first playable character "insert name here" is from the A nation, he was a general in the war with a distinguished war record. He was also the only general to deffeat Max in one on one combat. This battle was right to wards the end of the war and left Max near death with shallow cut going from his left eye down to his heart, left by the generals traid mark Sword, if the weapon has penitrated the armor an inch more he would have died.

PC2:The second playable character "insert name here" is from the B nation, she was a general in the war with the highest rate of successful mission of any general, she all ways picked her battles so while Max and Gambit were haveing massive battles against each other to prove who was best she was fighting more battles then ither of them and winning more often also. She how ever never fought against eather Max or Gambit in the war.

PPC3:The third playable character "insert name here"is from the C nation, he was Max's second in comand and often took command of the troops once battle comenced as Max was normally to cought up in destroying every one is his path to worry about the underlings. He was also a well respected officer unlike his comander.

Playable Characters:All the playable characters retired after the war for a simpelor life, but all three were recalled back to active dutie for the same reason to take the number one spot away from Max for the benifit of there respective nation. How ever playable character threes official mission was to enter the competition and stop the other two from reaching a rank where they could chalenge Max but this was just a cover story as his true mission is to replace Max as the number one player as his contry does not like how he is abusing his position.

Game Information:

City Layout:The city it self is devided in to 7 districts this is to keep competitors from going to areas that they are not yet equiped to handle. Each district has Sanctuary which is a large spire that hosts all arena matches as well as giving competitors a safe haven to relax and buy/sell new equipment. Out side of the Sanctuary is a large open district full of large towers, combat zones and interactive combat zones. Beneath the districts are Catecombs, they are a long interconecting maze of tunnels and chambers. Scattered threw out the Districts towers and catecombs are many valuable items as well as AAUs which will try are kill you. Bellow the catacombs are masive factory that build AAUs and deploy them threw out the city using lifts and transporters, this level of the city is in exesable to compeditors.To progress from one district to another you need two things, first you must be of a heigh enough rank and second you must complete a trial at the gate. The trial is to defeat the gate keeper in one on one combat, this need only be done onece to prove your self.

Sanctuary:The Sanctuarys are large spires designed to be commonground for all competitors, at district level they are protected by large automated turrets thet will destroy and AAUs that get to close. Once you enter the spire using external lifts you are taken up to the very top of the structure, this upper level is like a little town all of its own. There are shops for buying/selling items as well as repairing and equipping your Rigs, there are meating places where you can rest and talk to other competitiors and get information about quests and jobs and there is a Grand Hall where you can challenge other competitors to arena matches as well as compeate in tornements and fights over nation disputes. Each sanctuary has multiple Arenas inside it on different levels, used for the different match types. The other levels are used for storage of Rigs and colected items.

Districts:The Districts are devided up in to sealed areas interconected with large roads. The areas are devited up in to three categorys, towers, combat zones and interative combat zones. The districts are also full of AAUs all with there own agenda, be it hunting competitors or protecting valuable items, eather way if you incounter them they will try and destroy you. The districts them selves are conected to each other by interconecting bridges that can only be assessed by competitors who have unlocked the right to move to the other districts.When you incountering other Competitors you have four options. You can chalenge them to an official locked match this is a one on one match where no one can inter-fear and the results will offect your competition ranking.You can challenge them to an official open match where any one in the surrounding area can participate in if they like, the results of this also affect your competition ranking.You can just attack them, this will not effect your competition ranking but it will still effect your skills if you use them and your patriot score. Note if there from your own nation and you attack
them unprovoked that really hearts your patriot score.

Rigs:A Rig is a large combat exosuit piloted by the competitors. they do very in size but are arount the 4m tall mark with interchangeble parts.The main body of the rig is made up of 5 component parts. The helmet, torso, right arm, left arm and legs. All five parts are purchased on there own, the parts you equip effect how much weight you can carry and how many weapon mounting points you have.There are a possible max of 9 weapon mounting points on a rig, this is also restricted by your competition rank. Some weapon are holster mounts meaning when you activate them your rig puts them in to its hands while others are intergraited mounts meaning that when you activate them they stay where they were mounted and fire from there.The 9 possible mounting points are right/left upper leg, right/left lower arm, right/left upper arm, right/left shoulder blade and spine.The weapons that can be attached to a Rig fit one of 4 size classifications, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
Rig Layout

AAUs:Autonomous Assault Units were originally designed as support units to be used in war. Some were designed for defense some were made for combat assistance and some were made to go on solo missions where it was to dangerous to send soldiers.Inside the competition city they have been given a new purpose. Instead of supporting soldiers they now protect special items in the districts and attack the competitors to give the competitors the chance to improve there skills with out needing to attack other competitors. There is a wide range of AAUs all with different strengths and purposes, each district has its own collection of AAUs getting stronger as they go along.

Player Stats:Class: E-AScore:Competition Points:Patriot score:

Player Skills:Players can learn different skills depending on there score, but once you learn a skill you have to use it to increase the skills level, the higher the level the more it can do.Some skills are AAU Controll Skill, Duel gun skill, Salvage, Multiple target lock,

Quests:A Quest are tasks that you can undertake to gain carrear points, collect special items or gain money.These tasks are randomy generated and infinate.

Jobs:A Job is a task given to you by a NPC where you do a task for them and they pay you. This might be get this item for me or it might be deffeat this guy and so on.

Missions:A Mission is given to you by the governmant, missions are to resolve conflicts in the real world, which ever nation compleate the mission first wins the conflict.

Rights Of Passage:A Right Of Passage is some thing that you must do to progress in the competition like deffeating the gate gardians to unlock districts.


Seems great you have a backstory sorted out and have put thought into it before making the mod so kudos to you.

Just saying, there are some spelling mistakes throughout the text. So we will be able to pick ourselves a character before playing, seems like a great idea.

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Bazerka Author

Thanks, I have put a lot of thought in to this game and have a rather large design doc for it.

Sadly spelling has never been my thing. Yes you will and depending on which you choose will influence your gaming experience but only in small ways, like some special items will only be offered to certain characters.

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