With Frozen Hearth Immanitas Entertainment is looking to shake up the world of strategy games later on this year. With an enticing storyline set in an original Dark Fantasy world, the game combines fast-paced RTS action reminiscent of League of Legends with RPG elements, allowing players to improve and customise their characters. Players take control of a hero of the bellicose Danaan peoples and jump right into the action. The Danaan homelands are being threatened by strange ice demons who are transforming everything into an ice desert. Being confronted by such an overwhelming enemy force the Danaan’s only hope of survival is flight. Using their tactical cunning players must build and command their forces, train heroes and use dozens of skills, spells and items. The game is split into 3 Acts with 18 varied missions which can also be played co-operatively with other players. Beyond the story experience strategy fans will also be able to jump into frantic and epic multiplayer battles.

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unable to play this game.
always crash at loading first scenario of campaign

Very good RTS game. The graphics are great and the gameplay is very solid. My only complaint is how zoomed in the camera feels and that you have to log into the game. These two things do detract from the game, however they are not deal breakers and Frozen Hearth could easily stant toe to toe with other games from this genre.

Multiplayer seems to be a work in progress. There is direct connect and local but there doesnt appear to be any matchmaking or anything like that. If MP is your thing in games like this then you may want to give it a pass, at least for now. This is still a very worth while single player experience and if you have a few friends direct connect multiplayer should be all you need.


The game looks really nice and well made.

no bad...


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