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Frontier is a free-to-play 3D online battlefield, taking a unique blend of MOBA and FPS, bringing you directly into action, introducing a deeper gaming experience.

Players form teams to wage war against their counterparts. Combination of heroes, items, weather, battle mode and even a different point-of-view would all take their effect on the outcome of the battle, giving infinite possibilities and most importantly, FUN!

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  • Free-to-play but not pay-to-win

All heroes and power-ups could be purchased for free by just playing the game only. Discover your potential, cooperate with your team, and unleash your wisdom to achieve victory.

  • A different point-of-view

Unlike traditional MOBA which you participate as a third-person and move by cursor clicking, Frontier gives you the same point-of-view as your hero, bringing you directly into action.

  • Temperamental weather

Frontier has brought about a changing weather in the battlefield, and each of them would take their own effect on how the battle goes, imagine to sneak attack your foe in a badly foggy day.

  • Truly 3D

Instead of 3D objects placed on a flat world, Frontier has a truly 3D landscape.

  • Heroes with unique characteristics

Each hero has his own skill set and characteristics, and could obtain different items to form a play-style of your own, you have more choices than basic attack for the win.

  • Evolving continuously

We will always be here to improve our contents, balancing the game, updating new hero on a regular basis and testing new game modes, to offer the best gaming experience we could deliver.

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We are aiming at supporting more languages, and set-up more regional server sets.

We will try our best at leading a friendly and positive user community, and punish all sorts of bots and cheating. We hope the community would assist us in finding out the bot-users and cheaters, and we will reward those who help us in this processUser Posted Image

We are Mango Bear, an indie developer group located where panda prospers. We have been working on this title for 3 years - including time developing our own 3D game engine

Feel free to leave a message or start up a discussion thread if you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

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Thank you ! We will prioritize our invitations at our steam supporters when launching closed alpha testing.

Join us:




Steam Group

System requirements

Minimum Recommended

OS: Windows XP

GPU: GTS 450 / HD 6670

CPU: Celeron G1840 / Athlon X2

Memory: 4GB

HDD space: 2.5GB


OS: Windows 7 64-bit

GPU: GTX 760 / R9 270

CPU: Core i3 / AMD A10


HDD space: 5GB

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Frontier online
Frontier online
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