Freaky Green Sunshine is a Sidescrolling action, puzzle -platformer. "Take the role of Jonas, a burger-loving, just chillin’, super-ego on his journey to stop the corporate giant Abbage Foundation. After waking up from a helicopter crashing into his living room, Jonas has one thought on his mind ”They will have to pay for this”. However he soon realizes there is more to the picture than he thought and the soldiers marching the streets may have something to do with the freaky green sunshine, shining down from the "green eye" in the sky."

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Today we take a look at some of the enemy types you will encounter in freaky green sunshine.

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Welcome back again, after two weeks. For reasons still unknown there was no update last week. But this week we're back again with a look at some of the many enemy types in freaky green sunshine.

There are a couple enemy-classes in the game and each has its own subclasses. These subclasses include things such as alternative ways of killing the enemy, alternative load-outs or even in some cases alternative enemy behavior. On top of this there are also boss-enemies that you will encounter throughout the game.

Now let's get to it: (Please note that the models and textures are still Work in progress)

Enemy types

Brainwashed civilian

The brainwashed civilian comes in many different forms. From simple melee attacks to holding a small weapon such a pistol or a smg. They are brainwashed to do anything they can to kill their enemy, in this case Jonas. They don't have much tactics and do not care about taking damage; they will not be afraid of jumping off edges or running through other environmental hazards in order to get to you. They are also very agile and are able to jump around the environment while following the player.

Each brainwashed civilian is different from the other with different clothing and haircuts. Each location in the game has its own type of civilians, for instance farmers in the forest and people in suits in the city. We have a system in place where we can make any colored clothing and mix and match shirts and pants however we'd like. This without the use of that many texture maps. You could look at it as a light-weight version of the system for the zombies in left 4 dead.

Enemy types

Giant Brainwashed civilian

This is a sub-class to the brainwashed civilian. 1.5 times bigger than a normal civilian, it has slow movement speed and can do high damage to the player. Just like the normal civilian he doesn't care about what he has to go through in order to get to you. This guy is taller than the normal jump height of the player which means you don't want to get stuck in a corner.

Enemy types

Brainwashed soldier

These enemies use bigger guns. They have a lot more tactics going on than the civilians and they try to stay away from environmental hazards. The soldiers has an aggressive style in fire fights though hiding away from a solider will make him go back to his original objective; guarding, and forget all about you. If you are skilled enough you can also sneak up on them while they are patrolling and take them out.

Enemy types

Ground mine

These mines are planted in the ground, barely visible for the player. When you are close enough or walk on top of it, it jumps towards you, then it explodes. Similar to the "Bouncing Betty" mine. Use extreme caution.

Enemy types

Automatic Turrets

The automatic turret comes in many different load-outs, such as miniguns, laserguns and rocket launchers. The turrets are stationary and can only be killed by destroying the power supply. Unlike other enemies the turret is able to shoot in any direction where as the other enemies are locked to shoot only in the direction they are pointing.

There you have it, a small taste of the many enemies in the game. Stay tuned for next time!

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hey this looks interesting, like to se more :)

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