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Fractal Reality is a first person game in which you live in a city which is organically connected to itself. It's connection forms a physical and spiritual puzzle which blend together to allow the Player to make moral choices in how they go about solving it.

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An early prototype demo of the Spirit World gameplay in my game. Shows the "Running Man" game mechanics in action.

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A gameplay video showing the "Running Man" game mechanics in the Spirit World is finally here! Witness the Player picking four unique Helpers to help traverse the hostile map and connect nodes needed to complete the level. This is an early prototype and proof of concept. This does not show a fully formed level design. The final design will have longer stretches between nodes, better wandering animal/enemy layout, etc. All graphics and sounds are placeholders. Here is a description of what "Running Man" is from the game's summary page:

FractalReality wrote: In the Spirit World, feel the thrill of an all new genre of gameplay, "Running Man". Choose Helpers of specific classes each with their own special ability to help stop enemies from damaging you. Change the formation in which your Helpers follow you to try different strategies of deployment. Figure out your own custom set-up for Helper classes you choose and their follow formation to safely travel around the map. Enter connection nodes to progress the level and heal. Avoid aggroing enemies and having them lower your health(movement speed) to 0. Try to stay healthy and therefore fast on the field of gameplay.

I'm very interested in what you think, so please leave a comment. Enjoy!:

New Additions

With this video comes the beginnings of the new system for connecting up Connection Nodes. Each dungeon, or Spirit World alternate reality, will have multiple strings of nodes. Once the last node in the string is connected with the first, that string will be complete. To beat a dungeon you must connect all node strings; this will signify a Spirit World reality's fractal pattern being connected to the other realities. The gameplay video above and pictures below show the completion of one string.

Programming Progress: Rogue Sapping Programming Progress: Connected Nodes Programming Progress: Psychic Manipulation Programming Progress: Node String Completed

On the Horizon

  • A hotkey to look behind yourself.
  • Diamond and Dumbo(2 Helpers on either side) follow formation options.
  • A Mage Helper which slows down a crowd of enemies near a target enemy.
  • A Druid Helper which snares a group of enemies for a small amount of time.
  • Slow moving tower enemies that shoot damaging projectiles.
  • Creatures that connect when near each other to form a damaging barrier.
  • Expanding pools that suck you into the center when entered.
  • Connection Node projectiles can reflect and hit other wanderers for efficient stunning.
  • A Connection Node type with projectiles that shoot the location of where you will be when you exit. Number of chances(ammo) based on number of enemies that were attacking when you entered the node.

Tell me what you think, spread the word, and watch my game! It's going to be crazy, I promise!

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