This is a game I developed for the Indie Game Magazine developers contest. The original game was built between May 6 and May 13. I did some updates to the game after the deadline and will do more if there is interest here at IndieDB. The concept of the game is pretty simple you move your fox to the barn or chicken coop and capture chickens. If your hunger drops to 0 you lose . As your reputation goes up the farmers will come after you.

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Karol13 says

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Quite entertaining and amusing game. You play as a fox and to survive, of course you will steal chicken from unwary farmers. These can run out with their rifles. As all good farmers, they also own few angry dogs who will also likely hunt the hungry fox down. Luckily dogs stop their pursuit after you get with the fox in the woods. Farmer won't be fooled so easily. Although he keeps firing at our cute fox... the bullets won't make it through the trees, so keeping smart distance from the hunter, you can fool him enough to get to the barn again and again.
The game has even the SAVE/LOAD, so one can really try to achieve nice score.


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