Forging Glory is a physics-based looter brawler with limitless player customization; letting you experience the glory of brutal gladiatorial combat in a futuristic, virtual world.

The kinetic action of Mordhau meets the customization of Path of Exile.

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Decapitate, dismember, shatter, and mutilate avatars built of light! You're a God of the arena, annihilating all who challenge you.


Combat is all about skill in Forging Glory. You must aim your attacks, and your blocks. There are no magic "random swing" or "block all" buttons!


Create the perfect avatars to fit each battle and play-style using limitless weapons and items.


Earn glory by pleasing the crowd, leading you to greater rewards and fame!

Key Features:

  • Single-player and multiplayer dynamic campaigns, with 6 game modes.
  • Fully customizable classless character system
  • Physics-based combat with 7 unique weapon types
  • 70+ modifiers and 300+ special abilities to mix and match
  • Build a demon, a humanoid castle, or a blend! Many skins to mix and match, all earned without microtransactions!
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Thanks to diligent feedback from new beta players, and suggestions from our veterans, we have released a big update improving everyone's experience, no matter where they are in the progression!

Over Bridge Throw

New Player Experience

About a month ago we had an influx of new players, which provided tons of helpful feedback on how to smooth out their experience.

All new players are now given two starting avatars: a dual pistoleer for rapid-fire ranged combat, and a spear and shield avatar for stabby melee combat. This should give brand new players to find an avatar immediately that more closely fits their play style, or better fits the combat situation. Also, dual pistols provides increased firepower over the original starting avatar, with a single pistol.

Dual Pistoleer

To give new players more flexibility and strategic options, we have made all item types available to unlock in any order. Fancy yourself an archer? Go head, unlock it first.

Item Type Unlocks

Similarly, account upgrades, such as the voxel shop (buy items) and voxel smith (crafting) are now available through unlocks; previously you had to complete campaigns to earn them.

Sprinting with the Flag

One of the first things players ask is "how do I move faster?" We have now integrated the answer to that question in our tutorial, by giving all new players the sprint trait immediately, instead of requiring an unlock. Similarly, we have made the movement speed modifier immediately available to unlock. Doctore, the trainer of gladiators, will even reward you for using your newfound speed with a pile of voxels.

Speed Unlocks

Of course, as with all games nowadays, some omniscient voice needs to explain everything to new players, and for us that comes in the form of Doctore. We have added sixty new phrases to Doctore, finally teaching players how to aim their swing and how to block.

Sword and Shield Blocking

Quality of Life

We didn't forget about the veteran players either, with a boat load of quality of life changes. First and foremost, the ability to add new campaigns at any time, but at a cost, to incentivize finishing existing campaigns.

We have also added a bunch of sliders to options for controlling various graphical settings, audio volumes, and controls! Although we had basic options like graphics quality before, these expanded options will allow players to customize their experience precisely, down to the decibel!

Graphical and Audio Options

One thing that has plagued newcomers and veterans alike is an issue that reduced spear and one hand sword damage. Those have now been buffed, and should be equatable to other weapons available in the roster!

Spear and Shield

Players frequently found aiming push and shield bash difficult, especially in higher latency matches. We have greatly increased push and shield bash "size" to facilitate aiming. You can push bosses off ledges like never before!

Fast Shield Bash Boss

In a similar vein, we have now significantly boosted glory (point) earnings for various actions, such as fighting in melee against a stronger opponent, and knocking opponents off the arena, as seen above!

Some of our veteran players may not like this improvement much, haha, but we have made the AI a bit more aggressive against rangers. No longer can you snipe without punishment!

Arrow Dodging

Last but not least, we worked a lot on smoothing out various networking issues. The game will now attempt to reconnect if a player is disconnected as they join a match, and avatars will no longer "vibrate" around when joining mid-match.

But most importantly, knocked down avatars are now correctly synchronized, so you no longer miss when attempting to hit avatars on the floor! How embarrassing to miss a knocked out target!

Missing Knocked Down Enemies

Are you ready to join the ranks of gladiators? We are always looking for new beta players! Join our Discord and ask for a key!

Not brave enough for beta? No problem! Wishlist on Steam!

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Full patch notes are listed below!

Complete Patch Notes

  • New Player Experience
    • All players start with two pre-made avatars, dual pistols, and spear and shield. Both are automatically equipped with sprint.(Thanks Fllad, ClassicDeems, and JBelay!)
    • All new players now have spear, shield, sprint, and headshot damage unlocked.
    • All item types are now immediately available to unlock, in any order, giving new players more flexibility in what to focus on first. (Thanks Fllad, ClassicDeems, and JBelay!)
    • Account upgrades, such as the avatar slot, voxel shop slot, and voxel smith are now immediately available to unlock, instead of locked behind campaign completion.
    • Movement speed is now available to unlock immediately.
    • Added over SIXTY new phrases to Doctore, teaching new players each game mode, each weapon, and how to aim and block with melee weapons. (Thanks Fllad, ClassicDeems, and JBelay!)
    • Doctore now recommends equipping movement speed to new players.
    • Added movement speed quest to reward players for using movement speed.
    • Doctore's speaking causes other audio to be reduced.
    • Renamed critical damage to headshot damage, to avoid confusion.
    • Enemies in the training campaign no longer equip any avatar. They are limited to similar modifiers the player has, and usually very poorly chosen :-).
    • New players can now join custom matches, though not recommended.
  • Quality of Life
    • Players can create new campaigns at any time, at the cost of voxels. Cost is exponential to the number of incomplete campaigns the player has (Thanks Ami!).
    • Full control of volume in options!
    • Full control of post effects in options! (Thanks gxyooj and Xavier!)
    • Screen shake option. (Thanks Pancake!)
    • Can invert mouse in options. (Thanks Xavier!)
    • Can reverse left and right mouse buttons, Elder Scrolls style. (Thanks Xavier!)
    • Can no longer sell the critical upgrade, the voxel shop! (Thanks August!)
    • Electrocution isn't quite as bright anymore. (Thanks Mazur!)
    • Selling items no longer scrolls to the top of the page. (Thanks Pancake!)
    • Items in voxel shop will no longer have their prices increase over time.
    • Skins are now significantly cheaper, approximately one skin per victory. (Thanks Bubben!)
    • Reorganized unlocks page.
    • Full body armor now is visually apparent on the avatar, just like locational armor.
  • Combat
    • Spear damage increased. (Thanks Fllad!)
    • One hand sword damage increased. (Thanks Pancake!)
    • Throw weapon damage increased. (Thanks Bubben!)
    • Throw weapon velocity increased. (Thanks Bubben!)
    • Push, and shield bash traits are now much easier to land. (Thanks Pancake!)
    • Elemental effects now have a higher balance cost.
    • Locational body armor and full body armor now have a lower balance cost.
  • Arenas
    • Added team fortresses, making defending bases far more epic! (Thanks Mazur!)
    • Platforms now have dedicated player and flag spawn points.
    • Goal platforms now have dedicated goal area, instead of the entire platform.
  • Glory Scoring
    • In Flag Rush and Base Blitz, if the losing team scores, the amount of glory they earn is based on how far behind they are, giving the losing team a better chance to catch up.
    • Brutalizing (hits to knocked down or mid-air opponents) enemies now earns more glory.
    • Knocking opponents down now earns more glory.
    • Knocking enemies off the arena now earns more glory.
  • AI
    • AI are now more aware of what counters ranged weapons, particularly pistols.
    • AI is now more aggressive toward rangers.
  • Network Improvements
    • Joining mid-game will no longer causes other avatars appear to be jumping around at the speed of light.
    • Knocked down avatars now correctly synchronize, making hitting downed enemies much easier!
    • Less likely to be mysteriously disconnected while joining a match.
  • Other
    • Name/currency bar is now wider. Veteran players earned too much stuff!
    • Bots and bosses now have icons above their heads indicating as such. Removed old boss HUD.
    • Flags will no longer fall below raised platforms.
    • Avatar elbows less shaky, particularly with bow.
    • Fixed potential crash loading main menu avatar if assets have changed.
    • Fixed bug with quests starting above 0% complete.
    • Refresh button in custom matches now matches the one in campaigns (Thanks August!)
    • Removed other GIF recording options besides recording the player or none.
Progression 2.0 + Aesthetics Updates!

Progression 2.0 + Aesthetics Updates!


After over a month of effort, and diligent feedback from our players, we have a very exciting update, Progression 2.0 AND Aesthetics!

Bugicide Update

Bugicide Update


Last night we released another patch, which provided some substantial performance improvements and other bug fixes!

Stepping into the Limelight

Stepping into the Limelight


We've been working on Forging Glory, what is effectively a looter shooter, except with physics-based swords, for over 4+ years. It has been a project...

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Great style!

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ZoopTEK Creator
ZoopTEK - - 66 comments

Thank you! We hope you sign up for the beta so you can experience glory yourself!

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