A game about teaching physics to fluzzies by example. Bringe them from one point to another using powers such as repulsion, atraction and acceleration.

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First pseudo release


wklv.github.com/fluzzies is where to play it.

Crazy map Howto

The current features are:

* 10 levels which only five or six are tutorials!
* You can get three stars per level! It isn't that easy to get them all, so don't feel bad if you can't get them and if you can, you're awesome! (Maybe not)
* 3 powers to use over the fluzzies! Repulsor, attractor and rotator!
* 2 types of fluzzies! Normal and boring or heavy and metal!
* Spikes floating! They are free spirits attached to nothing!
* And you can give us feedback! Yeah!
Isn't it great! Come and play at

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Jan 13 2014

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Happy New Year! Long live the Dust!

Dec 31 2013

I can't believe that our creators are now focusing on some stupid childish physics game instead of us :( Youtube.com

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Did egyptians know about fluzzies? Done with Threejs.org T.co

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