Flukz is a shoot'em up game with levels that can be edited directly online, in a way similar to a wiki.

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Flukz 0.3 released


Version 0.3 of Flukz is available with the following improvements :

  • a score increasing when enemies are destroyed
  • a life bar to know how many times the player ship can be hit before exploding
  • the player ship cannot collide anymore with its own fire
  • automatically-generated credits page for the artwork of the levels

Flukz is a shoot'em up with levels directly editable online. All users can easily create new levels or edit existing ones, in the same way as a wiki. A graphical interface is provided to edit levels easily, without programming knowledge.

With 4 wuhu levels and 5 black-and-white levels, a total of 9 levels are now available. Here is a screenshot of black-and-white level 5.

If you're interested in helping us to create new levels, you're more than welcome.

Flukz is available on Windows and Linux.
A static binary that needs no installation is provided for Windows. Under Linux, you need to compile the sources directly.

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Flukz 0.3 Source code

Flukz 0.3 Source code

Source Code

This is the source code of Flukz 0.3. Qt 4.7 or higher is needed for compilation. Detailed instructions for compilations are available in the file README.txt...

Flukz 0.3 windows

Flukz 0.3 windows

Full Version

This is the windows binary for Flukz 0.3. No installation is needed. You can simply copy this file anywhere on your computer and launch it.

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