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Fly a plane from runway to runway, complete missions and collect coins! Gain money and experience, and exploit your wealth to unlock new planes! The sky is no limit! Slide the throttle and tilt your device to control the plane's flight. Enjoy: A huge, rich world to explore, more than 50 runways to visit, more than 200 missions to complete, six different themes to experience, eight different airplanes to fly, custom music and engaging sound effects, and interactive obstacles to dodge. No permissions, ads or in-app purchases, just pure fun! Players love it: "Beautiful, immersive gameplay ... challenges are aplenty" - James, player. Try it at

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Flight Odyssey Instructions

Other Tutorial

The Throttle

Maneuvering in the Air

Your First Landing

Options at the Runway

Click the button on the left to instantly taxi to the left side of the runway, so you can take off towards the right. Or, click the button on the right to instantly taxi to the right side of the runway, so you can take off towards the left.

The door button will exit you from the game and take you to the menu, where you can view the instructions - which you're looking at right now!


On the missions page, you can choose a mission to accept, cancel your current mission, or keep your current mission. You can only do one mission at a time, so choose wisely!

Different missions give different amounts of coins and experience. Each time that you complete a mission, you'll get half as much money and experience.


On the plane page, you can switch which plane you are flying, upgrade a plane that you own, or buy a new plane. Scroll up and down to see all of the available planes. Every plane can be unlocked in two ways: If you gain the amount of experience needed, you will unlock the plane for free. Otherwise, you can buy it using coins.


You can upgrade your plane to improve its maneuverability, fuel tank, stability, or safety by clicking on the upgrade button. Each property can be upgraded up to 10th level.



Don't ever run out of fuel, or you'll immediately crash (even if you're on the ground)! If you're having an issue with fuel, be sure that you're refueling every time you land. If that doesn't solve the problem, you may need to upgrade your plane's fuel tank or buy a new plane with a larger fuel tank. Some runways are just too distant from each other to be reached with a basic plane!Another helpful hint: If you enter a menu while at a runway, your plane will automatically refuel.


Various weather conditions will be introduced to you as you proceed through the game.

The Pause Menu

And finally, remember that you can pause the game at any time if you need a few seconds to think or want to review the instructions. When you return from the main menu, you'll appear at the last runway you successfully landed at.

Contact Information

That's all! If you have any questions, please contact us at FlightOdyssey+Public@gmail.comor visit our website:

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