You find yourself in a dark maze, with only a glowstick and a flare gun. You must use your flares and hope you find a way out. Oh yeah, and look out for the monster that lurks in the depths of the maze.

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Glaite says

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I like where this game is at the moment, it is very simple and single track, however, i have high hopes for it's future. With a little bit of work, i can see this going from a simple maze game, to a more indepth puzzleling horror game.

It has potential, I hope it doesn't get wasted... The sound and the models definitely need some improvments.


HumbleGamerCJ says

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Good game. Atmosphere is very god, and the way the monster just walks at you is really creepy :S

I'm pretty bad at it, so the monster appeared very quickly each play through and I wasn't aware I had a sprint button (probably my bad for not reading things thoroughly) so I got caught very easily too. Maybe adding a mechaninc where the flares hit the monster and cause him to stagger, thus offering you a couple of extra seconds? It is just a thought. This also meant the game was very short (which might be down to developer intent or my lack of skill)and I had to Alt-F4 out of the game every single time after I had been caught, which is an issue.

Other than that? This is a good solid, easy to enjoy, unnerving and, at times, very scary game.


i love this game

The game is somewhat unique, not a slender clone therefore i must concede and give this a higher vote also the Dev seems to be actively taking suggestions on how to update his game. The 1.3 update is really great and the author should be proud that he gave us a decent game.

The game was pretty well made other than a few bugs that could be fixed and the game concept was great. Overall from a solo developer, the game was great, couldn't ask for more.


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