FireFly is an art project we've been working on. The goal is to guide the firefly through the dangers of a dark labyrinth, Each new biome brings new obstacles and puzzles, we currently have 5 biomes and 5 in development.

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FireFly is an art project we've worked on for a short while, it started off as an experiment, but we soon decided to take it to the next level.

The goal is to guide the FireFly through a dark labyrinth full of monsters and obstacles for you to overcome, as you maneuver the twists and turns of each level. As you progress through the levels, you will encounter a variety of increasingly challenging creatures, ranging from innocent little fish to deadly carnivorous plants, and obstacles such as the perils of a factory without any health and safety

Every biome has its own array of unique and interesting enemies and obstacles.

We've tried to keep each biome fresh and surprising, so the user never feels like they're playing levels that have just been mixed and matched.

We've put a lot of thought into the art style, so we hope when the user plays they're not just playing for the gameplay itself, but the art style too.

Level from Jungle Biome

Currently we have over 50 Levels spanning 5 Areas, which are
· Cave
· Earth
· Jungle
· Water
· And Factory themed

For future updates we have a list of biomes in mind
· Illusion
· Fire/Volcanic
· Cartoon
· Ice
· Pixelated
· Mushroom
· Deep Ocean
· Piping
· Monster's Guts

We're still coming up with ideas but these are the ones we like the most so far!

Level from Water Biome

The only control in the game is by swiping your finger on the touch screen to move the FireFly so you can avoid obstacles and solve puzzles. (Adjustable sensitivity)

Future updates will bring more even more to the experience, with more unique environments, soothing music, and more peculiar creatures.

Level from Factory Biome

Again, this project started off as an experiment, but we've received so much good feedback that we would like to continue with the updates until we've exhausted our minds thinking of new ideas.

We've tested the game on a variety of devices, small, big, medium, phablets, samsungs, HTC's and Tablets, with success on all!

You can download the game here: FireFly on Google Play!

Thank you for your support, and to everyone who has given us feedback!
We really appreciate it! :)

Firefly Release

Firefly Release


We are hoping to release Firefly today/tomorrow. We're looking to provide you with a quality game you can enjoy on release


Awesome game. When can we expect new levels? :D

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Love this game! Can't wait to see new levels in the future!

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