Let me start by that this game is purely made for entertainment, and I'm not affiliated with the original creator of the slender franchise. I use the sounds for a non-commercial use, and hope you guys will enjoy this game. The story is about a german detective, looking into the "Der Ritter" case. After arrival to the spot where the Ritter was last scene, he decided to stay overnight, to make sure that the nearby village would calm down and won't call the police again due to their so called "sightings". Exactly at 11'o clock, a tall figure appeared before the detective, with long arms and a face, which had no eyes, ears, nose, mouth or hair what so ever. The figure then transported him to a "pocket dimension" where he torments the detective, trying to take away his sanity. The only way to escape is to gather the five eye shards, and successfully leaving with the "Eye of Slender" The Main Menu might not work on some platforms, but its automatically starts the game after 20 seconds

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xbony2 says

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Pretty cool game. Tell me about your next one :)


cryptid85 says

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Probably the worst Slender game I've ever played.


Marzio99 says

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is a very strange game, slendy look a bit like a mannequin
but the sounds are good


Szamer says

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