Expert Rifleman is a shooting simulator which simulates realistic shooting against stationary and moving targets. The simulation accounts for and allows the user to compensate for the forces which affect the path of the bullet. The only thing which Expert Rifleman cannot do is teach you how to pull the trigger. The goal of Expert Rifleman is to let you gain proficiency at shooting without expending valuable ammo or barrel life. The simulation will let you practice shooting in windy condition. Try out zeros at different ranges, and set the conditions under which your rifle is zeroed. Compare calibers based on ballistic performance flight time, drop and drift. The scope reticles in Expert Rifleman are calibrated in Mil-rads or MOA and function identically to the real thing.

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Expert Rifleman 1.2 has been released and is available for download.

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Expert Rifleman 1.2 has been released and is available for download.

Change Log:
• Negative numbers can now be enter for latitude
• Grid Azimuth now changes based on shooter heading
• Added metric units option
• Displays more location info in GUI
• Added clicking sound when turrets are adjusted
• New moa scope image
• More adjustment range for moa scopes
• Added weapon recoil option and associated user enterable data
• Fixed incorrect labeling of MOA scope read 1/4 now reads 4
• Fixed drag curve input

Expert Rifleman is a 3D training simulator designed to simulate realistic shooting. The simulation allows the user to set the variables which affects the flight path of the bullet. Expert Rifleman is on Steam Greenlight; help us get Greenlit.

Expert Rifleman comes with three ammo types to choose from and to make the simulation relevant to training we let the user add ballistic data for up to 500 additional cartridges. Expert Rifleman also allows the user to add up to 100 additional scopes by loading reticle(s) and legend images. Rifle recoil based on user input variables can be turned on or off.

Expert Rifleman has an advanced ballistic calculator, which accounts for:
· Gravity
· Air resistance
· Bore angle
· Aerodynamic jump
· Scope height over bore
· Horizontal and vertical coriolis drift,
· Wind drift from arbitrary wind direction including head wind
· Spin drift
· Density and Altitude

Expert Rifleman provides visual feedback to the user on wind direction and speed. Trees and vegetation sway and bend in the direction of the wind. As wind speed increases movement also increases. In addition, particles blow in the direction of the wind.

Expert Rifleman simulates several categories of scopes including front focal plane, second focal plane, dual focal plane scopes and digital scopes. Additional scope types can be created by defining scope features in Expert Rifleman. Features on all the scope reticles can be calibrated in pixels per Mil or MOA. Expert Rifleman has three maps to choose from; the Sand Box Map which is flat, the Dynamic Target Map which provides different terrains and the High Angle Map set in a mountainous environment.
Expert Rifleman has moving and stationary targets with super accurate hit boxes. In addition to pop up targets, the simulation lets the user create a target when enter is pressed at the center of the crosshairs. When the target is created the user can specify the range, speed and heading. The simulation has three different types of targets; fixed single target, flip fixed hostage target and a mobile target.

Expert Rifleman has a tactile interface which lets you move the crosshairs with the mouse. By using the arrow keys the user can move the point of bullet impact up or down, right or left. Expert Rifleman also includes a range finder which tells the user the distance to the target at the center of the crosshairs when the r button is pressed.

Expert Rifleman has been replaced by the new Steam version Expert Rifleman Reloaded.

More information, screenshots and videos can be found at:

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