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We had it made.. we were collecting treasures
from all around the world. Then we got relaxed,
we started taking the small details for granted.

That's where our downfall started.

It wasn't long after that my henchmen started
getting popped from all corners of the earth.

Luckily for me I had the brains to get out of sight.
and I did just that ...

Now some years have passed and my financial means
have all but dwindled. I must devise some plans
to spring my loyal henchmen from their locked up
state so we may continue our crime spree.

It won't be easy as they are scattered throughout
many different prisons. Not to mention they aren't
the brightest bunch.

I'll have to devise their escape plans and see to
it myself that they follow each and every move to
the letter."

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  1. Smooth, fast OpenGL renderer.
  2. Increasingly challenging levels
  3. Built in tutorial mode
  4. Thought provoking gameplay
  5. Forfeit button! If you get stuck ( one per game )
  6. Power-ups, game extensions
  7. Obstacles, cameras, spiders, cops, traps, timers, switches and more!
  8. Installer/Uninstaller

Developer Homepage
Gameplay Video
Store Front



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