Equestrian Terrors is a MLP:FIM inspired survival horror game. It's planned to be episodic, with each episode being a self-contained story that does not follow any linked main story line. The game will be heavily focused on escaping rather than combat, however there will be instances where you can slow down and impede enemies as you attempt to do so.

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Terrible news, ladies and gentlemen, and one last trailer.

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The following was an April Fools joke.
Well, guys, I'm finally going to call it. This is it. Equestrian Terrors is dead. It's finished. It's gone. Particularly because I erased it so I had enough room to download my pre-order of Elder Scrolls Online. Wish I could say it was because of some hard-drive crash or something, but let's be honest, we all knew this project wasn't going anywhere. I mean, just look at the images. It's clear we're just a bunch of idea guys with no capability of implementing any of them.

If you need me, I'll be playing Elder Scrolls Online for the rest of my life. Have a final goodbye trailer though:

In real news, we're upgrading to Unreal 4! I decided to fork over the $19 for early access, and man, I tell you, I am not disappointed. I thought porting everything over would be a lot like starting over from scratch, but everything is sooo much easier in Unreal 4. I can hardly describe how excited I am to start implementing the ideas I hadn't quite worked out how to do in UDK. I can also package both developer and public versions of the game with amazing speed rather than it being such an ordeal as it was in UDK. Plus the navigation mesh is much more polished, and well, the list goes on. This is definitely going to speed things up!

Thanks for staying with us!



Wow, good that you deleted this crap off your hard drive, probably a waste of time anyway.

In real news, I am happy to hear that you have upgraded to UT4 :) Will track!

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Rise! Author

Hahaha thank you!

You won't be disappointed!

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Wow I freaked out for a minute there... Glad to see it was an April fool!

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Rise! Author

Hahaha and I'm glad you're looking forward to it!

We're workin' away at it, so stay with us!

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Being that ESO is a piece of ****, I was glad to see this was nothing tom foolery.

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Rise! Author

Hahaha Yeah, I think I'm having more fun messing with Unreal 4 than I have in the 15 minutes I've played of ESO since I got it, but eh, it's still a good excuse to take a break and spend some time with Switch-A-Switch for a change. Smite too.

Thanks for your support!

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