Entropy - a 3D puzzle action-adventure in a mystic world. Combine elements such as lava, water, acids and stone to solve tricky mazes! Make clever use of electricity, but try not to get killed by it. Spawn gravity zones using your gravity gun to avoid touching dangerous matter and go back in time at any time, even after you died. Explore all the hidden secrets of the world and find out what all this means and who YOU are. With its main storyline spanning across 25 levels, Entropy offers about 5 hours of gameplay.

Check out Entropy-thegame.com

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This game is part of the XBLIG Uprising III, a joint promotion action of the XBLIG community to showcase its funniest and most diverse games in 2012. Be sure to look out for it on the XBLIG marketplace after its release on 17th September 2012!

We put a lot of time (and money) into this game, it would be absolutely amazing to get the chance to publish on Steam. If you like the game, please support us on Steam Greenlight!

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Check out this recent video review of Pixabyte.tv! It shows very nicely the gameplay and overall feeling of the game. He plays one of the levels in the first third of the game, where things are still relatively easy, but not that trivial either...

New Trailer for Entropy (XBLIG/PC)

New Trailer for Entropy (XBLIG/PC)


We just released a fresh trailer for Entropy, a first-person puzzle game for XBLIG (and PC later this year). The game is set to be released on XBLIG as...

svspochta - - 1 comments

Hi. I just bougth Entropy and I have the same problem as jon933. Everything is black. Or sometimes white. When I minimize the game with Alt+tab and again maximize it, everything becomes fine but not for a long time. Just in 3 seconds all screen slowly becomes white. My hardware: Core i7-2600K, Zotac GTX 560ti, Windows 8 Pro. All drivers are up to date. Help!!!

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JonDR - - 6 comments

Hi Autotivity, I just bought the game but have found it to be completely unplayable on anything above 'Low' graphics setting (tried both with and without vsync and windowed).

Here is an album of images demonstrating the problem: Imgur.com

I hear the sound and music from the game perfectly but when reaching the point where I am supposed to jump and move absolutely nothing renders. The whole game is black following very distorted visuals during the intro sequence.

I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to fix the issue.

If it helps, I noticed that when I first start the game, the background render of some balls falling looks fine for a split second. Then the surface of the spheres starts to light up but the lighting effect seems to 'bleed' into everything else, eventually turning the entire thing white (as shown in the first screenshot in the above album).


Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, Intel i5-3450 3.1Ghz, 8GB RAM, Radeon HD 7850 1GB with Catalyst 13.8 drivers, DX11. Running the game at 1920x1080 resolution.


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Autotivity Creator
Autotivity - - 3 comments

Hi, we're currently investigating this issue and trying to reproduce with similar hardware. So far with no result though and we also haven't heard of this issue before. I will keep you updated.

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JonDR - - 6 comments

OK thanks very much for looking into it and appreciate any advice you might discover. I will also play around some more with things that may resolve it and let you know if I hit upon anything.

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Yhozen - - 15 comments

good :D

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targetbsp - - 16 comments

Had my eye on this for a while. Any chance of a demo version?

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Autotivity Creator
Autotivity - - 3 comments

unfortunately we currently have no plans for a demo version. But it is on a 50% sale right now! :-)

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Autotivity Creator
Autotivity - - 3 comments

Pixabyte.tv has posted their video review of Entropy on Youtube! Be sure to watch it, it gives quite a good impression of Entropy's puzzle design, and how the game feels: Youtube.com

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Sir_Fred - - 11 comments

Looks interesting :) Just like Portal or Portal 2. I'm going to buy it :)

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miss10ai - - 1 comments

Awesome, finally it's available for PC! I waited for it since I didn't have an Xbox... now the fun can start =)

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