An arcade-puzzle game made to break your mind and beat through the difficult stages, also getting the high score! It has a simple gameplay - tap a box and change its state (color) and the boxes around it. Simply connect the same colors to proceed to the next level or gain the highest score! It's perplex yet simple, which will definitely make your mind think and your heart enjoy!

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New Menu Arcade Mode

New interface update - new difficulties and Arcade Mode unlocked!

Version 1.0.1 is now available in the App Store, containing the following updates:
- New Difficulties and Modes added (Advance, Expert, Pro, and Arcade)
- Fixed Bugs in Tutorial
- Fixed Effects Bugs
- Improved UI Speed

New Advance, Expert, Pro mode - each difficulty has 100 new stages which will certainly entertain you for hours! Arcade mode is also now available, which is an endless side of the game where you have to compete in getting the high score local or in online! Pumped Up Mode also features new power ups for the Arcade mode, some may help, some may make matters worst!

Stop reading and start downloading! Check it out, it's currently available in the App Store!

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