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Get ready for a wild ride!

Your adventure begins as fast as it can be...In a straight up Run N' Gun wild west environment.
You (the main character) are a wild tribal man, who's tribe was recently kidnapped by a band of unknown soldiers. -- You quickly learn that these men belong to the rumored army of the East..The Empire. -- (Their presence is marked by a mysterious tower looming on the horizon from the beginning of the game.)

No one knows why they have begun capturing people from tribes across the land, but it is very clear that something sinister is in the works.

As you progress, you are frequently brought to the spirit world by a council of ancient beings. They explain what is happening to the world around you. And tell you that you MUST rescue the lost tribesmen and women before it is too late.

You are then guided to various ancestral animal spirits who will challenge you.. Upon beating them, or meeting their requirements, you will learn their spirit abilities. (Things like flying, swimming faster, charging through destructible objects, jumping higher, etc..) With these abilities you will be able to navigate terrain in a way unable before. Not to mention the amazing and challenging boss fights that await to test your skill with the spirit abilities.

Along the way you will meet friends and enemies in unexpected places, who will help you push forward. This is a game of love as well as deceit.

Many decisions must be made on this journey. Every turn you take, there is a different route to take. Your ending will be based on choices you make. As well as new items unlocked and secret areas accessible after each ending. You can guarantee there will be replay-ability with Empire Eden.

The Empire's twisted weapons of war await your arrival...but there is a dark twist at the end of this will it pan out for you?

We NEED your help though!
Our kickstarter is live, and if we need as much support as we can get spreading the word!

Visit us at

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Hey guys, it's been a long week for us at New Horizon Games! We've gathered up a collection of what's been going on and figured we'd let you guys in on what's going on.

A couple of weeks back we were featured in an article on, and I'm proud to say we've been featured there again! Head to this link to read the article for yourself!

Also as we've mentioned in the past, we have a kickstarter campaign running, and as the final days draw near it looks as though we won't be reaching our goal of 19k, but don't let that fact stop you from supporting us in anyway you can, whether it involves the kickstarter, or just stress testing our demo for us and leaving feedback. If you want to head to the kickstarter campaign and try to resurrect our slowly dwindling phoenix, just click the box below!

Also many of you are aware of our current campaign on greenlight. We have made a new article there as well detailing our plans for removing the campaign until the game is more near completion. Many new paths lay ahead of Empire Eden and the New Horizon Games crew. Work will continue on Empire Eden, and you can follow our progress both on this site, as well as on our official website as well as the our official blog and forum. Rest assured that many things are changing, and you can look forward to some very big things coming from the offices of New Horizon Games!

Kickstarting and a playable mini game?

Kickstarting and a playable mini game?

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Find out what's been going on at the offices of New Horizon Gaming, and check out our playable mech-demo!

New Horizon Games Launches Kickstarter For Run N' Gun Action RPG Empire Eden

New Horizon Games Launches Kickstarter For Run N' Gun Action RPG Empire Eden


- New Horizon Games Launches Kickstarter For Run N' Gun Action RPG Empire Eden - Unlock the secrets of the animal spirits with New Horizon Games' Empire...


This game came out of nowhere for me! Tracking, and possibly backing.

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Hey guys, as Lead Programmer here at New Horizon Gaming, I'd like to reach out to you, the community. This game is still very early in development, we are hard at work on a playable demo but how quickly this can happen and how successfully we can be with creating the best, most action packed and awe inspiring game possible relies on you! If this game looks like you idea of a good time, then help spread awareness! Post links to our kickstarter page on your twitter, write about us in your blogs, tell your neighbors that there's a new action rpg in town and he's missing his loin cloth! Only you can help us cloth our bare naked hero and save him from excessive shame!

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Mar 16 2013

RT @gnomeslair: Empire Eden: The Demo, which you can play, but not on the Amiga (via @miniFlakeGame)

Mar 15 2013

Playable demo of our game!

Mar 14 2013

Did an interview with Gamer Cheese about our new game Empire Eden! After that they took us for mani pedi's.

Mar 6 2013

RT @torontothumbs: For those who like retro-looking games, check out this kickstarter. Pretty impressive:

Mar 6 2013

Check out our new Steam Greenlight submission! Give us a yes!

Mar 3 2013

Greenlight concept submission. Please vote up and spread the word guys! I love YOU

Mar 2 2013

Empire Eden - A combination of Run & Gun, Beat 'em Up, and RPG like you've never seen before. Please spread the word!

Mar 1 2013