Create a lasting empire in a continuous campaign that covers the entire Earth. Build your empire from one of three completely unique factions or create a custom faction of your choosing. Take your empire from fledgling kingdom to dominant superpower as you battle for control of a lifelike and persistent Earth. Your quest for world domination is finally at hand.

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good graphics but........
its the worse game in the series, if theres a mod that can change this....
will make it better.

I still playing this game, the units are awesome but its a ****... some units get stuck in the wall, or dont want to move..

great game, new technology, new units, new stuff yeah it's good but some of the campaigns are not good as expected , what more can I say. I hope to find new updates or versions for the game

ultra bad

It killed the dignity of the rest of the series, replacing the variance character and kinda serious, stoic appeareance of the units in EE2 with little cartoon characters and oversimplification, I really, really disliked it and after playing it I no longer wonder why it had such a negative impact on its makers.


de lo muy complicado (empire earth 2) pasamos a lo muy simple y aburrido. Pareciera que estoy jugando al empire earth mobile con esas graficas pateteticas que encima te piden una placa de video de 1 me jodas, con tal cosa para eso juego al Empire Earth I y me quedo feliz!
PD: Con esta la cagaron mad studios!


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