Inspired by boomer shooters and more recent games like DOOM Eternal, Earth's Greatest Defender lets you protect the planet from an ongoing invasion.

Using your weapons and grappling hook, your goal is to clear the levels in the most badass way possible. Quick kill a tank? Extra points. Grapple onto a flying saucer before blasting it using your rocket launcher? Also extra points. As long as it looks cool, you'll get rewarded.

The game features a level editor, allowing players to create and share challenging arenas, races, or fun experiments.

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After two years of hard work, I'm happy to finally release Earth's Greatest Defender in early access on Steam!

EGD is a fast paced 2D action game in which your goal is to obliterate hundreds of evil aliens using classic weapons and your trusty grappling hook. Shoot first, ask questions later never.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a gameplay trailer to show you the chaos the game is all about:

Sounds like the kind of game you're into? Then head over to its Steam page to download it (it's free, no money required!).

Whether you enjoy the game or not, I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a review, so it could gain a bit of visibility on the Steam storefront.

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The game features an action-packed campaign with over 10 levels, as well as a speedrun mode and challenge arenas once you've completed the main story.

It also includes a multiplayer deathmatch mode, where you can brawl against players around the world.

armored1climb slomolava2story

For those of you who are more creative, Earth's Greatest Defender also includes a level editor. If you think you can build cool and challenging levels, this might just be the tool for you!

Although the game is fully playable, I intend on working on it for a while longer: more levels, more multiplayer game modes, more weapons will be added over time. If you have any ideas on how to improve the game, or encounter any issues, please leave your feedback using the in-game link, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Happy shooting!

Announcing Earth's Greatest Defender early access

Announcing Earth's Greatest Defender early access


After almost two years of development, Earth's Greatest Defender is ready for early access! The game will be available for free on Steam on November 17th...

Earth's Greatest Defender announcement trailer

Earth's Greatest Defender announcement trailer


Earth's Greatest Defender now has a Steam page, and an action packed trailer!

Introducing Earth's Greatest Defender

Introducing Earth's Greatest Defender


Earth's Greatest Defender is a 2D boomer shooter with a focus on fast paced action, explosions, and user-created levels.

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