Dungeon Siege II: Broken World is an action/role-playing game set in a dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy world that concludes the story of Dungeon Siege II. You must hunt down the Dark Wizard in order exact your vengeance and undo the evil brought to the world of Aranna. * 10 additional hours of primary quest gameplay and an additional 5 hours of optional quests and levels, including two new modes of play, Mercenary and Elite. * Over 40 new monsters and beasts with powers that will change the way you play. * New items including all new powerful weapons and armor, as well as enchanting magic items. * Two brand new character classes that combine the powers of magic and combat. All new spells and powers. * New pets have been added to enhance gameplay in addition to new races for the world of Aranna - the Dwarves are now back by popular demand! * All new powers and skills, including new reagent recipes that will allow you to create unique and powerful items.

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Broken world was so amazing, I wish it were longer, especially act 3. one of my amnesia mod levels are based on the surgeons dungeon. seeing that level in 1st person shooter(with that same horrific music) would be real effective.

The interesting things about the expansion is the new hybrid class system and also creating new weapon from reagants. I think it is more well balanced.
But for the expansion, it is very short, i mean very short game to play. The world are dull, so dull even i loved the game without expansion. The dev could manage a better and larger map rather than just following over-estimate-himself-mage


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