Duke Nukem takes his Mighty Boot to the Big Apple. Using GLOPP (Gluon Liquid Omega-Phased Plasma), the maniacal mech Morphix has transformed the creatures of New York City into an army of bloodthirsty mutants. In Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Duke must deploy WIN (Weapons, Insults and Name-Calling) to rid the city of goo-based bad guys, and return peace and tranquility to The City That Never Sleeps. Originally released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Duke Nukem in 2002, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project blends together the best elements of Duke Nukem 3D and the best 2D sidescrolling of the first two games in the series, Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II. Return to a time when the King of Action didn’t need regenerative health or auto-aim - a time when action games were actually about action, an era when heroes had the strength to carry as many guns as they wanted and use as many cheats as they needed.

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Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project is a platformer by Intercepter Entertainment. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


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Great run and gun gameplay, but sadly hasn't aged well in platform elements. Leaps of faith aplenty.


SirPrimalform says

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Instead of a game I'm presented with a "Steam key". This key isn't interactive and not even fun to watch. It doesn't do anything, it just sits there being alphanumeric.


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