Dual Core is an old school platforming game with a single twist: it also contains two player co-op. While in co-op mode, each map changes slightly to require communication and puzzle solving between the two players. The game features two robots, Mike and Tom, each with their own special ability. Tom (red) is able to make a shield as protection from projectiles, and Mike (blue) is able to double jump. They must travel through four stages, each with unique conditions, and defeat the robot leader at the end of each stage. This game is still buggy and short, but I continue to work on it a few hours every chance I get. I am a programmer, not an artist, and this has been a solo project, so the art is simple and to the point. Any comments are welcome :)

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Game Update 0.03a


Update Notes:

Created new AI subtype: AISpiker
Based on AI Chaser, the Spiker chases the player regardless of the direction they are facing
Has no shield
One health point
Causes 2 damage on collision with the player

Fixed bug that caused players to travel through two platforms if they collided with them at the same time (mostly falling)

Added particles to missile launch from AILauncher
Added particles to AIMissile
Added camera zoom function to multi-player. This is still very much a work in progress.

Created and added several new sound effects. Including:

  • spawner creation
  • bomber diving at player
  • button pressed
  • switch tripped
  • platform moving // I'm not happy with this one but it is in for now
  • player death
  • normal boss throwing projectiles
  • windy boss throwing wave projectile
  • normal boss dash attack
  • boss jump
  • windy boss activating spawner

Find the game at: Docs.google.com

Follow development at: Nathangsp.blogspot.com

Game Update

Game Update


Dual Core has been updated to version 0.02a. Check it out and let me know what you think!


I'm making an abstract co-op platformer myself. I'm intrigued to see how you do. And it's also funny because I'm an artist not a programmer, so I feel your pain of knowing one and not the other!

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