Key features:

  • Over 350 puzzle rooms, grouped within levels each organized around a different type of puzzle element.
  • Hub areas allowing for free exploration of multiple puzzle areas at once.
  • An engaging story of war, intrigue, adventure, and stupidity. Find out why!
  • Over a dozen monster types, each with varying abilities and behavior.
  • Dozens of characters, each portrayed with quality voice acting.
  • Layers upon layers of secrets and extra challenges for players ready to take on more.
  • Over 60-minutes of new soundtrack composed by synthpop artist Jon Sonnenberg of Travelogue.
  • Detailed in-game artwork that shows nine different environments across three nations, including forest, desert, swamp, underground, fortress and frozen areas.
  • Super active player community on the Caravel Forum, with large amounts of fan-made game content and modding easily loaded into the game for endless hours of entertainment.
  • DROD is not merely a game, but an experience built with love and skill by people who care very much about what it has become. This is a unique gaming experience, and there is nothing else quite like it.

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    The Caravel DROD franchise has been in development for over a decade and is beloved by thousands of players across the world. DROD is a thinking man's dungeon crawl. Each room is a unique, hand-crafted puzzle that you solve by clearing out all the monsters. Game mechanics are turn-based, and by making moves as fast or as slow as you like, you can experience the action and solve puzzles at your own pace. This game is designed as an entry-level offering to the DROD world, with both new players and veterans in mind. The level layout is designed to be more forgiving, with multiple hub areas to explore. The game starts easy, has a smooth learning curve and an integrated online hints system. If DROD has seemed too difficult for you to get far into, then you should be pleased by the design that went into this game, making for a delightful blend of fun and challenge. The game features all-new puzzle elements and enhanced level crafting abilities that add more depth to the previous offerings.


    Enjoy DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder and many other great games on Desura.

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    Flood Warning

    Flood Warning

    Singleplayer Map

    The exclusive "Flood Warning" Smitemasters Selection expansion pack, available only with purchase of "DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder".

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    Rumpelhonk - - 4 comments


    bought the game back then on Indiegamestand. But it seems they run out of Desurakeys.
    Is there any other way to get a Desurakey, or will there be more keys on Indiegamestand?

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    Guest - - 692,770 comments

    This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

    12thArchivist - - 2 comments

    This is a fantastic game, in my humble opinion. If you like puzzle games at all -- or even if you have never tried one -- you should at least try out this game. It is definitely extremely unique, especially when it comes to elements like tarstuff and briar (which were not included in the main hold, but can be found in many of the user-made holds), and even the humble roach has properties that have yet to be fully discovered and exploited.

    So I think it compares very well against other puzzles games. Now, how does it compare to the previous classic DROD games? Well, that is a little harder to answer.

    KDD has the advantage of innovation, originality (being the first game), and being the standard upon which many other holds since have been based upon. JtRH has the advantage of excellent puzzles, amazing graphics, amazing music, and a generally much smoother experience than KDD. TCB has the advantage of plenty of elements and element interactions, very satisfying puzzles, an incredibly intriguing story, and better level interaction (I like my level non-linear, but this is just me).

    And yet, GatEB is my favorite game in the classic DROD series. I found its puzzles were thought-provoking without being brain-busting, its media (graphics, music, and presentation) was far superior, and it had a storytelling aspect that, to me, filled a void in DROD that I never knew it had but I am very happy it no longer has.

    So, yes, I think this is a fantastic game, but it was also built on a fantastic base. This game might be my favorite, but I challenge you to make your own conclusions. Until then, happy smiting.

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    hebroid - - 2 comments

    To those who purchased DROD on IndieGameStand, the Desura keys are up.

    Thanks Caravel Games!

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    muntdefems - - 15 comments

    Thanks for the tip! (and thanks Caravel Games for the key as well!)

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
    mxtomek - - 142 comments

    Would be nice to have "DROD 4 - Gunthro and the Epic Blunder" and the DLC "Flood Warning" on Desura. Waiting for keys on the IndieGamesStand site :)
    PS And I hope this game will soon greenlit on steam

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    Silverhawk85 - - 112 comments

    Nice game. I hope we will see the other parts of the DROD series here on Desura too.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
    muntdefems - - 15 comments

    I've just sent them a mail asking the same thing! :D

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
    matze404 - - 25 comments

    Bought this game on Indiegamestand. Is it possible to get a Desura Key? Would be awesome!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
    mrimer Creator
    mrimer - - 2 comments

    Please e-mail Caravel with your IGS order info (or Caravel Forum username, so Caravel can verify you have already registered your order there) and we'll have a key sent to that e-mail address.

    Reply Good karma+5 votes
    hebroid - - 2 comments

    Sent a letter two days ago. Still no response :(

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    SirPrimalform - - 304 comments

    Your IGS customers can be dealt with much more automatically... you just need to send the keys to IGS (or perhaps upload them to IGS yourself, I'm not sure of the finer details).

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
    Gn0meSlice - - 568 comments

    I've made a post on the IGS forums, so hopefully the admins will be in touch with the developers soonish.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
    Elnubnub - - 7 comments

    check your indiegamestand accoutn and view your games there, there could possible be a button to request your key

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
    matze404 - - 25 comments

    Sorry, can't find the button. :(

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
    mrimer Creator
    mrimer - - 2 comments

    As mentioned above, it should be there now!

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