Days of Valor is a first person wartime shooter. Focusing on teamwork, tactics, and squad based strategy to defeat your enemy. Defeating your enemy will not be an easy task. Kill your enemy and they will respawn. But siege control of vital tactical regions on the map, and cut off their supply lines will leave them without ammunition or medical supplies. Forcing them to retreat further and further into friendly territory until there is nothing left but your judgement.

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The more regions a team controls, the more advance War Supplies that team receives. For example bigger guns, stronger tanks, or vehicles...

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What is Region?
A region consists of a small portion of the game map, and is analogous to the markings of
state/city limits on a real world map. The end of one region would be the start of an
adjacent region. The goal of the game is to control as many regions on the map as
possible, whilst at the same time defending your own regions.

Why would i want one?
The more regions a team controls, the more advance War Supplies that team receives. For
example bigger guns, stronger tanks, or vehicles. A direct consequence of controlling more
regions, allows a team to travel further out into the map. Players can only carry a limited
number of supplies, tanks can only carry a limited amount of fuel, this limits the distance
that can be travelled without resupplying at another HQ.

Undeveloped Land
The outer areas of a region are known as "undeveloped land", filled with a variety of
different scenery from woodlands to high snowy mountains. Be Careful these outer areas
contain all manner of hazards, it really is man vs nature out there.

Undeveloped land Dangers:

  1. Random animals attacks (Wolves / Bears)
  2. Enemy teams will be able to track your movements by following your footprints.
  3. Animals can give away your location to enemy forces (Wolves howling or large flocks of birds flying erratically out of the wilderness)
  4. Players can set traps, tripwires attached to flares/grenades
  5. Minefields

About Kilroy Games:
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Sounds great!

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These are some really nice concepts! Good luck!

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