Two years after the incident on Mars, research has resumed, led by Dr. Elizabeth McNeil. Once more, strange occurrences haunt the facility. A search team breaks into a chamber deep within Mars, finding the Artifact — a weapon from Hell that the Ancients sealed away long ago. The lead Marine, upon touching the Artifact, awakens it, the blast wave killing his team and reaching into Hell, alerting the Maledict (Dr. Betruger’s new form). The Maledict sends the three Hunters to retrieve the Artifact. Meanwhile, Hell begins to invade Mars once again.

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There's something about the cutscenes and the way story and gameplay are conveyed in this game that make it feel like an arcade knock off of Doom 3, rather than a real expansion.
Also, just when I thought Imps in original D3 were annoying, this one introduced Vulgars, and put as many of them in every map as inhumanly possible. This one also enjoyed throwing dozens of enemies at me for the last few levels, I ended up giving up and using godmode to beat the game.

And it's a bit disappointing that you don't play as the same Marine as the one in Doom 3.

I have Doom 3 BFG Edition, and I found Resurrection of Evil fun, but more difficult than the Doom 3 campaign. It is hard to aim a fireball at a boss monster using the 'grabber gun'. In the Doom 3 campaign and The Lost Mission, I would use the plasma gun and grenades against boss monsters, sometimes using the rocket launcher. Also, I liked modifying character appearance in the Doom 3 campaign, giving the player character a helmet, but the player character in Resurrection of Evil is seen removing his helmet, and it is hard to find the proper game files to make the character wear a helmet again. Overall, it is a decent game.


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... theres little t0 n0o questi0n left here . . . if y0u happen t0 survive d00m 3 ! * * *


good game 10/10 rating


Doom 3 is WAY better. But this still kicks ***!


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