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Apr 15 2013 Anchor

Hey guys!

Lonners here, designer on Dominion - and today we're looking for your input and insight into the game.

As we build Dominion we've got some areas locked down tight - trading and combat both feature as standard of course and that's what we're building into the game first. Yet there's a lot, lot more we intend to put into Dominion. Now there has to be a certain structure and methodology to adding certain features and at the same time we are aware that we might want to put in some things earlier than others. Not just for testing, because they'll be fun to play around with and having these features more developed when we go into Alpha means all you guys get to play with them too and give us feedback.

So what do you think makes an awesome space game? Below we've got a list of features that we want to add in Dominion. The question is for you guys - what do you think are the most important/what would you add? Yep we are looking for your feedback. Think of this as a design question and a personal preference!

Rank them from 1-9 and we'll collate the results!

a - Private Hanger with ship Customisation

b - Owning Multiple ships

c - Punishment; pay for crimes in a variety of ways that's not just "kill on sight"
d - Building a Fleet, controlling it
e - Set up a trading company/business
f - Modding; from ships to missions
g - Wingmen who'll support you in battle
h - Log for events/History of your career
i - Space Station ownership

Note that these aren't in an particular order - and if you think we've missed anything please let us know what other features you'd like to see :)

Apr 16 2013 This post has been deleted.
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