The Old God has left the world and the pretenders are awakening and coming out from hiding. You start the game by designing one of the pretender gods that will compete for true ascension to godhood. The type of god can range from a magically powerful arch mage to an ancient kraken or a mystic monolith that people pray to. Your pretender controls one of over sixty different nations and with the help of that nation he will spread his word and battle the other pretenders. Dominions 3 is a turn based strategy game. You can play single- or multiplayer (1 - 23 players) with simultaneous turns. There are more than 1500 different units, 600 spells and 300 magic items in the game. The game also features a medieval musical score by Erik Ask Uppmark and Anna Rynefors, both awarded the title of Musicians of the Realm by the Swedish Zornmärkeskommiten. Dominions 3 is a highly detailed game and a 300 page pdf manual is included in the download.

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Mar 26 2013 Anchor

Download here

Description of the Malazan Empire in the Dominions world:

"Another splinter of Ermor which instead of turning to faith like Pythium and Marignon did, the Malazans decided to decimate and cull the priests and cults. The purge was accomplished largely by a cabal of mages and assassins which would later form the covert organization called the Claw. Mages practicing necromancy were slain along with the priests, and the few who still know the dark arts ply them secretly. Having seized power and put an end to the threat of the death cults, the strongest and most wilful creature of the mage cabal took the throne as Emperor. The imperialistic ideal of Ermor stayed close to the heart of the ruthless leaders of the uprising and before long the Malazans looked to foreign lands as their Emperor grew powerful enough to make a claim at godhood. The Malaz have since breaking free from Ermors grasp become pragmatic and adapt well, which means their forces are versatile. Their infantry retains their Ermorian heritage but have refined their tactics to include specialized roles within the infantry, including sappers and skirmishers. They have also managed to aquire the secret of Moranth munitions, magical exploding orbs. Wielded by foolhardy sappers, these are devastating devices that destroy stone as easily as flesh. Allied barbarians round out their forces. Altogether, the Malazan way of warfare may be clever enough to make up for the lack of holy power."

Strengths: Diverse magic and equally diverse troops. Lots of tools at it's disposal. Powerful heroes and summons. Very powerful, but very expensive cap only mages. Are good on the attack!

Weaknesses: (very) Expensive mages, expensive castles, unpredictable magic, and somewhat Capitol centric. Weak priests and no sacred troops.


(if the link does not work, try right click and save target/link!)
(should be compatible with CBM 1,94)

A note to readers of Steven Erikson: I have placed the Malazans in the Dominions universe. The Malazan Empire's character will still be the heart and essence of the mod, but it will also tie into and fit with Dominions lore.

That said, I have tried to base the choices I have made upon the novels as well as I can. Note though that the timeline within the mode is fleeting and the mod reflects a time from before as well as throughout the series. You could perhaps invision the mod to cover (as research and the game progresses) the years of Kellanved as well as the years up to perhaps book 6 or 7. It also does cover eventualities, as some summons will be thematically "speculative". But, that said, do come forth with questions, suggestions and criticism of thematic nature!

Notes on the various elements of the nation:


The Malazan infantry units are basically well motivated and cooperate very well on the battlefield, reflected in slightly better stats overall. Their main feature for the player is that they are well equipped and good for their price. They also have hardhitting, but dimwitted, heavy infantry.

Essentially morale boosters, making for a hard to break battle line. They are not so much drill sergeants, but motivational leaders and tough fighters.

Extraordinary siege breakers, and if used correctly, an interesting option on the battle field. They are intentionally expensive as they are rare and potentially very powerful.

Essentially elite soldiers, used to fighting under cover, preparing the way for the armies and disrupting enemy plans. They are very skilled and dangerous, but capital only. They can be used in conjunction with Sappers, for raiding not only provinces, but even castles.
(note: The Malazan Empire has expensive castles, but are very good at taking them!)

Very good cavalry, versatile and hard hitting. They are meant to be an expensive option, however.


Fist and High Fist
The standard commander options, the latter cap only. They both come with retinues (as per their descriptions). The High Fist can also sail, and has an impressive standard ability reflecting their renowned ability to lead armies.

Marine Sergeant
Has an interesting mechanic in not being cap only, while "his" troops the marines are cap only. The quirk here is that he does come with a retinue, being able to train troops in the field.

Cadre Mages
Recruitable everywhere mage. The Malazan empire recruits basically everyone who can do magic into the military, regardless of schooling and path of magic. This results in very diverse, but unpredictable mages (1FAESN+1FAWES+0.2DN). They are also special in that they are literally soldiers, meaning they, for good and bad, carry armor and shields.

Cadre Healer
Recruitable everywhere mage (1N+0.1D) with minor healing.

High Mages
These are exceptionally skilled mages, excelling in at least one path of magic. They are communiable, but are also quite expensive (intentionally so). They come in the following varieties:

Telas (Fire): 3F1E1S+1FAWES+0,4DN, onebattlespells Phoenix Power
Serc (Air): 3A2S+1FAWES+0,4DN, and has Flying, Storm Flying and Storm Power 1
D'riss (Earth): 3E1S1N+1FAWES+0,4DN, onebattlespells summon earthpower
Thyr (Light): 1F2S1A+1FAWES+0,4DN (also: glamour), onebattlespells power of the spheres
Denul (Healing): 1N1S++1FAWES +1DN (also: healing 100), also regenerates

Weak H1 priests, but they are sometimes (50%) able to use magic.

Claw Assassin
Mage assassin (A1S2). They are infiltrator, mage and assassin in one, but they are terribly bad researchers and can not lead troops.

Wickan Commander
A good leader for the Wickan Troops, being as fast as them. Can also train cattle dogs, which could be useful as cheap flankers/harassers.


Cusser Sappers
Very powerful munitions that can devastate walls. They can also be a terrible weapon on the battlefield - for foes and friends..

Burner Sappers
Sets friends and foes on fire...

Kenryll'ah Demons
Terrible demons that are quite dangerous, especially the Demon prince. They are large, hard hitting and cause fear. They come from a realm of water, hence their sailing ability, swamp survival, cold resistance and minor water magic.

Red Blades
Fiery desert warriors, coerced to fight for the empire. Are experts at hunting down dissidents (patrol bonus) as well as fighting in hot climates (fire power, fire resistance).

Wickan Cattle Dogs
Beasts of battle, summonable through the Wickan Commander. Expendable flankers/harassers.

Strange demons that grow in power as they are challenged. They pity their foes, as anyone should..


Quick Ben

Ideas for upcoming additions
To whet your appetites...

- Wickan Warlock summons, perhaps even a Raven spell.
- Summon Moranth raiders
- The First Throne spell: T'lan Imass allies
- More Imperial Demons: Galayn Lord, perhaps Sirinth.
- Foolish Dog Armor, summons Wickans with Rune Armor

Edited by: Deathjester99

Mar 28 2013 Anchor

Damn you Deathjester. This mod has cost me several hours of reading time and cash, as I am now addicted to the series. And I now dread to think what it might have meant that your emissary to Mictlan in Wake was the Adjunct...

Oh, and great mod btw.

Apr 18 2013 Anchor

Haha, I'm almost done with Gardens of the Moon. I guess I have lots of reading to go through, but so far it's freaking amazing.

Apr 19 2013 Anchor

Glad to hear that Bradicus. Amazing books that deserve to be read..

amuys, make sure you try the nation out.

Hmm.. I wonder if there are spoilers in there.. nah, I don't think so, but you might get a preview of a character and a few monsters.

Curious to hear your thoughts when you've read some more.

Apr 26 2013 Anchor

Nice! You're probably aware of this already, but KO has said that the Unfrozen are inspired by the T'lan Imass.


May 5 2013 Anchor

Ha, nice that someone else spotted the similarities. Ancient barbarian undead, old furs, flint swords, strong magics

Also, the Ether Warriors and Lord resemble the Tiste Andii.

May 11 2013 Anchor

After re-reading Memories of Ice last night (left my copy of Midnight Tides at work...), a Pannion Domin mod might be sweet. Mobs of Tenescowri eating everything...

May 14 2013 Anchor

The Malazan books are really surreal. Reminds me of reading Gravity's Rainbow or Dune Messiah.

Jun 10 2013 Anchor

Brad - I am planning a Pannion mod, as well as a Tiste Andii and Tiste Edur mods..

Jun 10 2013 Anchor

After thoroughly reading, re-reading, and thinking on it, I am not sure anything has disturbed me more in literature than the Pannions. The scene with Toc and the Seerdomin in Coral in particular... It can't be easy to portray that level of awful in a mod.

Nov 1 2013 Anchor

:( now im going to have to buy this game haha, started reading the books a month or so ago and they are amazing, dont know why this series isnt more well known and why there isnt more mods for it

Nov 12 2013 Anchor

tiggobitties - or better yet - buy Dominions 4!

I will be porting the Malazan mod to Dominions 4 with new functionality and updated graphics in a while.

(both Dom 3 and Dom 4 are great games, but Dom 4 will have the livelier scene for both modding and MP, and it is an even better game imo)

Mar 25 2014 Anchor

Im pretty sure Dominions 4 has just been bumped to the top of my what game to buy next list

have you ported it to Dominions 4 yet?

are you still working on other nation mods ?

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