Dominating the skies is an amazing action-shooter, it's a new and different experience which is unlike most shooter games out there.

what makes DTS so unique is its physics-based gameplay/mechanics which let you pilot physically accurate airplanes in a 2D/2.5D retro environment.

DTS is so satisfying to play once you get the hang of it, you will be able to pilot a physically accurate jet, helicopter, and a spaceship and you will get to battle cleaver AI enemies, perform different missions, upgrade your airplanes, and more...

This game was made with the focus on gameplay first, we wanted to create a satisfying action game that is easy to pick up and yet up to date in terms of its control and details, so even though the game looks retro but under the hood, it's a lot more than that.

the following list is some of the things waiting for you in DTS:

- Enjoy piloting a physically accurate jet fighter, helicopter, and spaceship.

- Unique and realistic weapons like heat-seeking missiles, machine guns, and more, plus some fictional weapons in certain levels.

- 25 Amazing music tracks.

- 55 levels.

- 4 different modes.

- No microtransactions.

- No pay to win.

- Pure uninterrupted action.

Supported input:

You can play DTS using any of the following input methods

- Keyboard

- Xbox controller

- PlayStation controller

- Nintendo switch controller

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First look at the newly released game dominating the skies

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and if you like the game, you can buy dominating the skies now on steam

Dominating the skies Released

Dominating the skies Released

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DTS is released on steam and google play store Dominating the skies is an amazing action-shooter from start to finish, jet fighters helicopter, and spaceship...

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