Divided Unity: Shadows Reach is an Action Role-Playing, First Person shooter (AKA Role-Playing Shooter) set in a unique Dieselpunk themed world rich with history and diverse cultures. You play as the child of a mech builder (known as Remote Platforms), who reluctantly agrees to join the military branch of the government in an attempt to restore the last fragments of a shattered Unity. How you choose to do so will have lasting repercussions on the nation and its people.

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This week we have a few team changes as well as some insight into our game mechanics!

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Hay everyone Loli here!

Well unfortunately, we start off this update on a not so good note. Griz, due to personal reasons, has decided to resign his position with the team. We all are sad to see him go and wish him the best. Not sure what the future brings but who knows maybe we'll see him back around someday.

On the flip side we do want to introduce our newest member Amberkeegan! *hoots and hollers* All the way from across the pond she will be joining our concept team coming up with the latest character designs and fashion of Nomolas.

We all are hard at working cranking out content and this week I'm proud to give you all a sneak peak of one of our game mechanics!

Killing human beings has been one of the greatest taboos among the territories since before the Great War. It is such a taboo that even the bitterest enemies would dare not descend to the level of killing a fellow human. With the exception of a brief time in history, The Fratricide War, no man before or since has ever been murdered by the hand of a fellow Nomolean.

In times of war and conflict remotely operated combat platforms have replaced their flesh and blood counter parts on the battlefields. Pilots safely sit inside bunkers hundreds of miles behind the combat lines operating these combat platforms by radio control. They see all that their "mech" sees and in real time control its movements.

The KV04 Remote Infantry Platform stands 10-12 feet tall. Large enough to overcome dangers and obstacles that would stop humans, but still small enough where they can navigate tight city blocks, buildings, and other man-made objects. It has multiple weapon hard points allowing pilots to swap weapons easily accommodating to individual tastes and mission parameters.

As you progress through the game you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your weapons and customize your platform, and even possibly down the line pick between multiple platforms!

Well as much as I would love to spill more.... this is all the information I can release. However, stay tuned next week as we will be revealing the KV04 concept art! KilluH has spent a lot of time on this concept and I'm excited to reveal it to y'all. Maybe well even sneak in some other goodies, but you'll just have to come back and see.

In closing I want to thank everyone who is following us. Your support means a lot to the entire team! Please feel free to leave us comments and tell us what you think, and like always if you are interested in joining out team please head over to the company jobs page or send us an email. Were always looking for great talent!

Until then,

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