Brash New York cop John McClane is in Los Angeles with one mission in mind: reunion with his estranged wife Holly. The setting is the annual Christmas party at the company’s Nakatomi Plaza headquarters and the party's in full swing. As McClane, you enter the lobby, head up the elevator, and come face to face with the ultimate reality check. Holly's not going anywhere. Hans and his boys have plans of their own and the firepower to back them up. You’re jetlagged, barefoot, and out of your jurisdiction, but your mission is clear: Take on the terrorists and free the hostages. There are 40 stories of the building to cover, 30 levels to play - each level a separate mission, complete with its own objectives, enemies, and boss. Each skirmish a different outcome, depending on multiple variables and not just a few surprising twists and turns. From hunting a terrorist planting bombs around the building, to freeing hostages on the roof, you’re fighting against overwhelming odds.

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I primarily ignore game-based movies, unless it strikes me close to home.

Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza is a complete remake of the movie, adding new levels to the storyline with excellent attention to detail considering it's budget.

That being said, it does feel clunky, almost as if the player is wading through water at times, with some graphical glitches here and there with confusing level design in some portions.

It's Hard, long and may kick your ***, but it's not anything terrible.

If you can find a copy, give it a try. But it may take more then one afternoon to finish it.


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