A hybrid tower-defense/RPG (Role Playing Game) game setup in a dark and gritty fantasy medieval world. Drop colored gems on your base units in different combinations to create heroes with unique and powerful abilities. The difficult choices you make have consequences and give you access to different travelling companions and spells. Explore the world of Irael through many hand-made fantasy maps levels. Level up your characters and use them in different combinations on the battlefield. Learn to defeat waves combining many different types of enemies ranging from swarming goblins to powerful sword wielding demons. You are Arlong Strongheart, Adept Protector of the Brotherhood of the Shield. You are an old knight tired of the in-fighting and political intrigues in his own order. It is time for you to leave the order and spend the last years of your life as an errand knight, defending those in need of protection, and dispensing justice.

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nosebang says

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First sorry for bad english, not my native langauge.
For me its simply not much fun to play. You place black things on a black map at a strange angle. The use gems to make your units system, simply lakes polishing. Games so difficult that you stop the game to drop them anyway. So no real sence in not having any form of shortcut insted of having to remember with to drop each time. You dont realy get much info on what does what in the EP system.Sure improving damage, does more damage , but there is no info on what scale. So again since the game is real difficult it would be nice to have some numbers so you can develop some kind of plan, right now you can only guess on what to improve.
Nice concept so still give you 4/10 for that.


RubinCox says

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This game appears to be very early in development. The interface is severly lacking: it is difficult to use, lacks feedback and the graphics dot not blend well. Things like dialogs have generic "Choice" buttons", and the overall layout feels like a test build.


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