Deadbuild is a RTS Tower Defence game. Your objective is to defend your village against waves of zombies. They spawn at night so you have time to (macro) gather resources and build defences at day. And when the night comes you can micro your hero and try to keep your village protected from enemies.

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Fun game, needs some adjustment though. Even on on lowest difficulty, it took a couple tries to get past the first level. I'd say more time between waves, or faster gathering speed. Plus, a warning that zombies will be coming from different directions than the obvious one.


Great fun game not the easiest tower defence in the world.


It has a lot of promise. For a free game it's very good. But not much info on HOW to play. The tutorial simply tells you how to move and then what is needed next. It doesn't explain anything. I'm big into these types of games so it's not very intuitive. Maybe create a wiki and explain what buildings do/make what. I've tried mission one in the campaign 4 times and keep losing. Each time I try out different things. Like warriors and mages. They don't fight for you. I guess they are to upgrade towers. But the mage I created would not enter the towers I made. Why? Also, is there a way to pause the action so we can take time to read the minimal descriptions that are provided? Hell, just finding the house to build so I could increase my population took me a little while. Especially because popup messages cover the info area. We need time to understand the tools provided. but like I said, the game has a lot of promise. If you just take time to inform your players what's what and allow them a chance to learn how to play.


Great Idea
Good engine

Slow -- laggy
No tutorials -- ones there did not explain how-to-play

I'd give it a six out of ten. Nice job on you game. :)

a gave it a ten out of ten becouse i love zombei survival games i love tower defense games an i love rtses this has to be the game of the AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to play it


Quite a fun game ... there should be more Options like Hardness Easy-Med-Hard and i didnt learn anything from the tutorial but may im not made for kinda games like this :P


This game is beautiful

Great value. It's a fun game that shows a lot of promise.

I do like the variations on the classic tower defense, where not only do you have towers, but support buildings and moveable defenders. It's a combination I have rarely seen all in one game.

The recent flowers added update does make everything prettier. I haven't played enough to give a depthy review, but my initial reaction is pleased.

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