A 2D Top-Down Shooter game where you fight of hordes of zombies. There are also boss zombie which are harder to kill and they are also bigger than regular zombies. There are 6 weapons: Pistol, AK-47, Uzi, GL4 (Grenade Launcher, RPG) and 3 maps. Plane is a map which is the largest of them all. It has no objects in it. Stuck is a map where you are stuck in one spot and vulnerable to attacks. You have to defend where you are. Finally One is a map where you are stuck in the dessert after an explosion with just a pistol and nothing else. Thank you for reading.

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New Features:

  • New Blood splat system - Blood sheds from the zombie when shot
  • Main Menu Music composed by Matt Mcfarland
  • New Music for the map Plain composed by Matt Mcfarland
  • New Sprinting feature For example if you want to run forward face your character forward with your mouse (because the character looks at the mouse) Right click and hold W.
  • New mute feature so you can mute the music.


  • Game info has changed so the sprinting instructions are in it.
  • Change first boss wave to 5th wave
  • Changed wave timer to 5 seconds so you don't have to wait for 10 seconds between each wave. I did this because 10 seconds was to long and decreasing time between waves increases the pace of the game which means more fun!!!

Bug Fixes:

  • The game wouldn't move on to the next wave with the new blood system
  • Game didn't clear score when you go back to the menu using "Control(Ctrl)"
  • Depth was changed so the blood didn't appear to be over the character and the zombies.
  • Time till next wave would start but then zombies would spawn and stop the timer.
New/changed things and a big bug fix

New/changed things and a big bug fix


Well I have fixed the main bug(Were you can't leave the game over screen) and changed a few things plus added a new thing. We made the game more challenging...

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Dead or Undead Free Demo

Dead or Undead Free Demo


A free demo of the upcoming game 'Dead or Undead'. There is only one gun and one map to play with so it's not as good as the full game coming out soon.

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