What is this game? A low poly PS2 style story driven zombie game set in the 80's heavily based off the original 1978 Dawn of the Dead, and the video game "Dead Rising"s concept of using anything as a weapon. Set in the 80's time period with an 80s style soundtrack(golden age of horror movies). A small homage to George A Romero Story A small scale outbreak is occurring in a small countryside town. Still discovering the nature of the rising dead, 3 people take shelter in a radio station on the outskirts of town abandoned by the original owner. They shut off power to the elevator and use the fire escape to get to and from the supplies they need, as well as to people who need their help who they find on through radio contact. Discover the plague from their perspective and get to the bottom of it before the center of disease tries to wipe them out in 3 days .

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This week we will take a deeper look into the characters you will familiarize yourself. You'll learn to discover what loyalty means. A strong bond can make it so you don't have to watch your own back.

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Last week we separated Day of the Rising Dead from the oversaturated zombie market -- based almost exclusively off the works of the Dead series created by the late George A Romero , going with a slow and dumb but dangerous in numbers approach. Set in the 1980's with gameplay systems to help cater the formula.
Here's a link to the description and features of the game


Main Characters

This week we will take a deeper look into the characters you will familarize yourself. You'll learn to discover what loyalty means. A strong bond can make it so you don't have to watch your own back.


Ryan Douglas

The main playable character. Although he can be hot headed at times, is an optimist at heart who goes through great lengths to keep his team safe. Diving into the unknown constantly putting his neck on the line with the hope of finding and end to their dilemma.

Ryan has no combat experience other than a few sloppy barroom brawls. He's never held a gun or had the need for one. He isn't a native to Barkerville and is learning his way around town just as the player is. Coming into town to look for work, Ryan unluckily landed in ground zero of where the outbreak took place after pandemonium already started and went quiet again. Apon being tackled by an undead lurker, he is saved by Thomas Roberts, a local.

Thomas Roberts

Right hand man, The muscle. The peace keeper of the team. A born and raised local mechanic of Barkerville, he knows the town like the back of his hand. Calm and collected he easily keeps a rational mind among all the chaos. You can count on him to make a plan come together.

Sandra Pierson

As an Emergency medical technician for Barkerville, she has watched the outbreak unfold first hand by having the first bite victim rise in the back of her ambulance while struggling to keep him alive. She tried to survive by staying inside of her ambulance while everything was going on. Thomas and Ryan ran into her as she was surrounded shouting at the undead while swatting at them with a crutch from on top of her ambulance.
A bit of a worry-wart. She isn't handling the crisis too well, and odds are she wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for the other two. However she also manages to keep them both out of trouble by introducing her realist scenarios. Sandra undergoes a strong transformation by the end of the finale.


Next Week, we will dive deeper into the "big little town" of Barkerville, and what kind of sights we will see. Everything from a barrage of local ma and pop shops downtown, glitzy restaurants, and 5 story hotels. Stretched across acres of woods, the bustle of the little town used to be a great place to get away from it all, or to call home.

Alpha Cut Scene Test (Early Work In Progress)

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