DashBoy is an action platformer and considered the sequel to RGBOY. It doesn't continue the "story" or gameplay mechanics from RGBOY but it does have a similar style.

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DashBoy on IndieDB

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The game has made its way over to this fantastic site! It's still in development but you can download the betas and such in the "download" section. Hopefully once the game is done I'll publish it on desura as well!
In the past people have message me asking if it's okay if they do a "let's play" of my game even if they monetize it and I always say that it's no problem! Just send me a link of the video and I'll be sure to watch it!

As of now, the game is still in production so don't be too surprised of there are a few glitches here and there, just report them to me and I'll try to fix 'em!


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This is version 0.40. So it's kind of like a demo? Basically it's a public beta thingy. Info on bug report etc is included in the download.

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