Darkout is a sandbox, with strategy and survival components. One of the clearest influences present in the game comes from titles like Minecraft or Terraria, sandbox platformers where the player can build up facilities and modify his environment at will. But in Darkout there are some interesting points that make it worth to look at, starting by the importance that light has in the game. System Requirements -OpenGL Graphics card that can display at least 1024x768 res (Nvidia 8000 series or better) -2 Gig Ram -Fully compatible with Windows XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7 -Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 1.3 Ghz or Better -2.5 Gig HDD Space -.NET Framework 2.0 DARKOUT GREENLIGHT PAGE: bit.ly/195QTUS Darkout Gameplays / Tutorials playlist on Youtube (daily updates): bit.ly/155YwGW Darkout F.A.Q.s bit.ly/15A5lxu

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“Commencing with a stunning new intro, and offering a new cast of enemies with a deeper storyline, we are excited to announce the release of the first Darkout stage on Steam 4 Dec 2013!”

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It's finally time to release on Steam!

We are proud to announce that 'Darkout Stage 1' will be released on Steam the 4th of December. Those keeping up with the press and our social pages probably know that part already, but here are some more details below.

What is stage 1?

Thanks to everyone’s feedback and a year of Beta the game is finally in a place which we can consider the base version of Darkout, Stage 1.

From this point on we will expand on the universe, Biomes, Gameplay, Items, etc.

We currently have 3 more Key stages planned and will reveal all the details of these plans as we develop the game further, not unlike our predecessors in the Sandbox genre.

In-between the stages we will also have some mini updates as needed :)

Stage 2 – 4 will contain

  • More Story

    o Why are you here and what is really going on? All this will be revealed as Each stage contains a new act for the storyline

  • More Biomes

    o Underwater Biome, Sky Base, Feral Jungle, etc

  • An End Game

    o Fix the Ship or Illuna? Only time will tell

  • More enemies

    o The Penguin Drones

    o More bosses with each Stage

  • Survivors

    o Dead, alive, evil, good?

  • Underground Bunkers / Labs

    o Unique treasures, enemies, stories

  • Vehicles

    o Sub, Mech, and?

    o Weapons, Devices, rewards, achievements, etc!

  • Multiplayer

    o Alpha/Beta in Stage 2

    o Beta to Completion in Stage 3

Since our last Open Beta update we have implemented quite a host of new features including

  • The Big Boss!

    o Includes some new music!

  • Backwards movement while firing weapons
  • Elevators
  • Completely new story line (ACT-1) for the game, which can be followed at your own leisure, as an extra feature for those who like to immerse themselves in the world of Darkout even more.
  • Voice-overs for the story!
  • By popular community request we have added a completely new playable Male character to the game as well as various different start-up color choices for both characters. These will come into play even more in future when we delve into the different casts and positions of service in the old world of Illuna that came before the age of Darkout
  • And a brand new Intro movie!
  • Achievements! We track everything!

    o How many trees did you cut down, iron did you find, enemies did you kill, etc :)

We have also taken all the Preview and player feedback from the last patch and done a complete polish/refinement pass on our interface and overall gameplay experience. This also includes…

  • Tweaking the light penetration into the ground for easier mining and exploration on the surface and City. Below ground portable lights are your only salvation.
  • Click and Hold mining and block placement
  • Device placement directly from the inventory
  • Removal of the Shift key when interacting with devices (doors, trapdoors, etc.)
  • Gamma setting! (we know it’s dark)
  • Overhauled UI
  • New AI for ALL enemies
  • Tweaked Light Dark Mechanic for enemies
  • Completely new Item Database system for improved performance with crafting, storage and containers.

We'll keep you updated on all the developments and want to thank everyone for helping us get here! :)

Team Darkout


Nice changes. Looking forward to it.
Will owners of the Desura version receive a steam key?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Allgraf Author

Soon as we have the keys to place on the system everyone who bought the game on Desura will receive a Steam key :)

Reply Good karma+4 votes

But but but, starbound beta comes out on December 4th, which means I will be playing that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Play both! Good luck.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

survivors!! planes! and space pods? space stations? ^.^ secure the planet for colonization, assimilate the aliens, research their corpses/loot make alien weaponary ^.^ oh the possibilities for content :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Allgraf Author

Indeed! :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I for one can't wait for the multiplayer content so I finally can enjoy this gem with my friends. Allgraf thanks a bunch for all you guys hard work. Keep up the good work!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How do I get my Steam key? I have went to collection and clicked Keys next to Darkout and it just Says "No keys are required to unlock"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Allgraf Author

We are just waiting for the keys from Steam, but should have them today and will then pass them on to Desura to add to peoples accounts

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