Dark Signs is an online multiplayer hacking simulation game where you participate on a virtual Internet that is created and sustained by it's players. What gives Dark Signs it's power is the flexible in-game scripting language. Players can craft their own tools to interact with the environment. Commonly scripted tools include hack scripts and scanning tools. The world of Dark Signs is changing constantly as players interact with servers in the game. Dark Signs features both player user created missions, as well as server generated missions for additional gameplay. Players can register their own domain names and upload files, which can then be seen by everyone else in the game. Buy and sell tools in the DarkStore, root servers, crack passwords, and break through firewalls. Inside Dark Signs you will find an almost endless number of commands and functions that can be used to create almost anything.

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This is the best game about hacking ever (IMO of course) You can
-complete missions and earn money
-create your own missions and add awards for them
-write and sell your scripts
-make your own servers and web pages
-explore web
-meet very helpfull people in chat
-feel like in the 60’s :D
-and whatever you can imagine

No other game gives you the possibilities :)

First of all, this game is unique in the market, allows you to play with your own tools and knowledge against other players. It's the definition of Total Sandbox where you and the whole community build the game itself in real time without any external "modding tool" for the game. The game has a good tutorial and a great community that helps you anytime you need it.

The player has the opportunity to create it's own programs and functions that will help him survive in this "Dark Web" fully of other hackers and follow the main history of an unknown hacker that will guide you trough the game.

You will start hacking easy things like getting ip's and so and finish hacking and getting into the CIA records to see who's the most wanted terrorist or robbing money. As you evolve while playing your computer will be upgraded with useful hardware that you can buy on the market.

In conclusion, this game deserves to be in Greenlight and be supported by Steam community because no hacking game can not be compared with this amazing work.


an amazing game, with an amazing(-ly small) community.

the hacking has the perfect blend of depth, and usability, the soundrack is pretty sweet, and nearly everything is user-made. it's just so great to play.




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Great game with really cool principle of sripting your own software. Practically best non-commercial hacking game ever existing. Console-based command system is not maybe for everybody, but other features, like player-based, evolving game internet, mission creating and possibility of scripting is more then counterweight.

a great game. shame it's down though.


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