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Patchnotes for version 1.01, New Soundtrack and a warm cup of tea.

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Greetings everyone

In our last update i mentioned that patch 1.01 for Dark Secrets was reaching its final state in development, and i am now happy to announce that it has been sent away to GamersGate and the Adventureshop.

The patch will fix quite a few important issues with the released version, along with Tweaking and restoring content that was meant to be shipped along with the game.

Here is the full change log for patch 1.01:

  • You can no longer go to bed more than once
  • William will no longer disappear if you enter the antique shop before talking to him.
  • The last puzzle now works correctly even after you reload your game.
  • Some improvements overall to the ending
  • Restored missing lock pick puzzle
  • Restored missing dialogue about Henry when speaking to Kent
  • Restored dialogue about Teds backstory
  • Many missing sound effects were added.
  • Fixed a rare bug where you would suddenly lose your lock pick set and the tourist map
  • Fixed a small issue were the old man would spawn at the wrong time
  • Hundreds of small dialogues fixes and tweaks.
  • The characters in the funeral scene will now walk correctly
  • The old man should have his proper dialogue if you haven’t spoken to him before.
  • Moved old man so he stands closer to the Antique Shop during your first meeting.
  • All of the characters now use the correct eye blinking animation
  • The doorbell trigger now trigger correctly.
  • The intermission scene will no longer flash like crazy
  • Tweaked many of the characters "face morph" and animations during dialogue.
  • Arthur will now properly comment when picking up the lock pick set
  • Fixed some material errors on the Music Box
  • Oars now have their proper texture and icons.
  • Fixed a few collision boxes
  • Ted will no longer keep on bowing over and over again after you have finished talking to him.
  • You can no longer walk through the pub door.
  • Fixed the texture of the bookcase in the antique shop.
  • Correctly a minor issue with the police stations door texture
  • Removed "halos" from a few GUI textures
  • Doors will now open and close properly
  • Fixed a minor clipping issue with Kent when he is sitting in his chair in the police station.
  • You can now correctly combine the music box and the figurines when selecting the music box first
  • The main menu now plays the correct version of the main theme
  • Updated two in-game books to make them easier to read.
  • Updated another book which had a minor error in it.
  • Fixed several doors that didn’t lock the player’s movement when moving to a new scene.
  • Updated the credits to include previous forgotten contributor. Sorry about that Tom.
  • The Music Box now plays its animation correctly
  • Picking a lock in your inventory now reset properly if you try to do it twice
  • Picking a lock in your inventory plays the sound effects
  • Miscellaneous floating objects fixed
  • The clock pendulum in the antique shop will no longer go bananas
  • Looking at the music box in your inventory while in the inner city area should look okay now.
  • Fixed a scene were two tracks of music would play at the same time
  • Fixed a sky textured that had the wrong color
  • Fixed Triggers that preciously didn't trigger correctly
  • The Antique Shop now plays the correct music
  • The Police Station and the dream scene will now have its proper load image on the main menu.
  • Small tweaks to some of the houses as well as the antique shop
  • Small optimization in the main Calmwood center square area
  • William now has his correct height.
  • Modified the terrain outside the cemetery gate because it looked weird
  • Made some minor improvements to terrain in the inner city area.
  • The eviction notice is now easier to read.
  • The open/close drawer sound effects are now closer adjusted to the animation
  • The overall music volume were slightly lowered
  • The old man's default animation was fixed
  • Sealed letter now has a better material color
  • Fixed Kent's Lips.
  • Re sized several painting so they should have the right ratio
  • Removed some unnecessary lights from the Cemetery, should boost performance in that area
  • You will now be able to keep the white rose in your inventory if you feel like using it later

+Many more minor fixes

Known Issued
*Some doors near the end game sometimes require you to click on them several times for them to open
*When talking to Charlie, you need to show him a specific object twice before he reacts correctly to it
*The animation when leaving the rose on the grave doesn’t trigger properly,

We hope that it will be available to the public as soon as possible, along with enhancing the
gameplay and story of dark secrets even further.

On a last note i also want to give you another taste of the soundtrack in Dark Secrets, this time revealing the entry ”Vals vs. Troll” that plays while Arthur visits the local Museum.

Dark Secrets - Vals Vs. Troll - Indie DB

As usual its composed by Olof Alexandersson, our sound guy here at the studio.

That was everything I had to share today, and dont keep spreading the word by Liking us on Facebook, subscribing to our Youtube Channel or to simply mention our game to family and friends over a warm cup of Tea.

Vi synes!
Peter Zippert
Community manager, Dreamcraft Entertainment.


You better sent the patch to PATCHES SCROLLS also.
Is the best site for patches and you can find and get very easy whatever you are looking for.

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Jinxy Author

The patch will be baked into each Online shop's own Patching system, we wont release a stand alone patch due to compability Issues.

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Ok, can you provide me please with a link to get it from one of those sites, because I can't find it.
It should be here,
or there, I guess (I baught it from both sites)

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