If you ever played paper RPG Death Maze, Citadel of Blood or Labirynt Śmierci then you already know this game. DG is a tribute to this RPG (three names but game the same). In Dark Gates you lead your team of 6 heroes into dungeon where they will fight their way through in order to destroy Dark Gates and evil mage who is the master of the dungeon. Main feature of the game is dungeon itself. This is no predefined layout and every time you play, map is always different. Dungeon creates itself as you play. In your quest you will find monsters, magical items, trap, puzzles and treasures. Glory awaits one who destroys Dark Gates and evil mage. Game is in alpha stage, lot's of stuff missing or not working as intended.

HooterBabby says

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I really appreciate that this game is still being refined. The basics of the game are all setup and working. As the developer further polishes this, hopefully to a nice bright and shiny finish, I feel this game will go from good to great.

I would also like to mention that I have never played this type of game before and I really hope to see other additions to this boardgame/strategy/RPG-like indie title. I wouldn't mind the inclusion of a smattering of story and possibly further snippets to be found throughout the game and subsequent plays. If lore/story/quests are added possibly even procedurally it would be epic. Unfortunately I have no idea if this is even feasible.

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