Well.. Please read the Instructions before playing. This game is kinda Hard so.. Use your Head. Doom.exe is a Pixel Horror game made in the Unity Engine. The game is very deceiving and the Story isn't clear.. But what is clear is, that you are trapped somewhere and have to find a way out of this Nightmare. Doom.exe is a first person Adventure, Horror game that's Pixelated. If you like Pixel Horror, you will probaly like this one. Currently I'm still working on the Game though. Follow my Tumblr. Blog for Updates teasers/pictures and stuff.. If you need a Mac version, just tell me.. Currently I'm too lazy to make one.

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underfel says

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This game is super spooky and scary, it sorta reminds me of a game called "I'M SCARED", this game looks really good and i wish this was a full game and not a demo. In conclusion this is a very unique . exe game!


Alanj2007Games says

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The beginning is pretty different than other horror games, I love the glitch effects and all that and surprisingly you just use Unity to make this game. Props to you!

I'm looking forward to new update!


sadfsaf says

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