Cyclical Circles, formerly called "Stoom" is a game of speed and reflexes. The goal is to browse all levels by switching between the rings according to the previously displayed at the bottom of the screen or directly in the game, depending to the game mode chosen.

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First playable demo !


First demo !

Here is the first demo of the game in its Alpha release. The purpose of this demo is to introduce you to the concept of the game, but also your opinion on it. Currently , the demo only allows to play in "Color mode" and in "Easy difficulty".

But I don't doubt that some of you would like to play with greater difficulty . I would add later, a second demo with an extra mode and all the difficulties accessible. In the meantime, here is some information about ordering and purpose of the game:

How to navigate in the main menu ?

If you have an Xbox 360 controller, use the keys shown on the screen and the joystick to move the mouse.

If you prefer to play the keyboard, use the left mouse button to confirm and right click to go back. Space to start the game, once you have selected all parameters.

How to play?

It's very simple , if you have an Xbox 360 controller, use the LT and RT buttons to change the position of the ball. Y to pause. And use the arrow keys on your controller in the ingame menu or at the end of the game to choose Retry or Main menu.

Keyboard, use the Q and D keys (Azerty), A and D (Qwerty). To pause the game, use the Space key. And to navigate through the ingame menu, use the Z and S keys (Azerty) or W and S (Qwerty).

Crydev Account

Actually, for playing to the game, you need an account on Crydev. Go there, sign in and you could playing to the demo without any problems :)

Download the demo !

Download on MODDB / Download on Mediafire / Download on Crydev

Wishing you a great party!

Cyclical Circles, the game that will regrow your reflexes

Cyclical Circles, the game that will regrow your reflexes

News 4 comments

First images, first video and first information about the game and its mechanics.

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Cyclical Circles - Alpha v0.6 - Demo Version

Cyclical Circles - Alpha v0.6 - Demo Version


A first demo for Cyclical Circles ! Color mode and easy difficulty for discovering the concept. Give me your feedback for improve the game :)

TheSniperFan - - 376 comments

Kinda reminds me of Audiosurf...well done! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

This concept is awesome! Loving the change form the usual FPS/MMORPG's on CE :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Lenox47 Creator
Lenox47 - - 676 comments

Thank you very much ! :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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