Crawle is a sandbox dungeon-crawler with a focus on realistic survival featuring mechanics such as sanity, hunger, thirst, energy and diseases.

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Woohoo! 0.4.0 is out! Simply open up your updater and let it patch!

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Woohoo! 0.4.0 is out! Simply open up your updater and let it patch!

So some of the thing's I've in the past... while include a brand new options screen:

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I've yet to do an actual volume slider (stop begging, it's coming. gosh.) but everything else is pretty much done there. Tell me what you think (anyone who says the old one is better will die a slow and painful death).

You can also see in the screenshot that there are new buttons for Languages and Resolution. These new buttons also have right-click support.

That's really about it for visual stuff. I've done a load of fixes, changes and literally rewrote all of the major systems in Crawle over the past 2 days so the game should hopefully be waaaay more optimised.

Here's the changelog!
0.3.1a --> 0.4.0
- NPC names are not functioning well, they've been turned off.

- Updated the disease graphic.
- Fixed up the item description box.
- Completely new and revamped house interior graphics.
- New sandstone edges.
- New tree types: willows and dead trees.
- Revamped the options menu buttons.
- Revamped the mode buttons.
- Revamped the options menu.
- Language options are now in their specific language.

- Hitting no in the esc menu in fullscreen mode should no longer quit the game.
- You can no longer create new worlds if you already have 3 worlds.
- World data folders should now properly be cleared.
- Various optmisations.
- Fixed random teleportation to dungeons (non-existant holes).
- Fixed the random tree leaves without stumps.
- The enter key should no longer break textboxes.
- Fixed some NPCs not having names.
- Fixed the wrong amount of chairs and tables spawning in houses.
- Fixed and improved house generation.
- Fixed combat sounds being cut off.
- Fixed chests giving EXP instead of items.
- Hitting 'N' to go back to the menu should now properly save the world.
- Fixed sprite walking.
- You can no longer gain sanity whilst having a sanity-based disease.

- You can no longer press the delete button if you have no worlds to delete.
- You can now only press the play button if you're in "delete mode".
- Holes now need Ladders in order for you to not die.
- You have a 1 in 50 chance of dieing whilst going down a Hole with a Ladder.
- Removed the binary language.
- You no longer drop all your items in easy mode on death.
- You only lose a third of your exp in easy mode and half on normal mode when you die.
- You now only drop 3 random items in normal mode.
- Shortened disease rates in normal and easy mode.
- Lengthened disease rates in hard and unforgiving mode.
- Tree's no longer have a randomised height (variations coming soon).
- NPCs are now saved into the world file.
- NPC locations in dungeons are now saved.
- Rewrote the item system, works a lot better now.

- The ability to name your world!
- Worlds can now be password-locked.
- House exits.
- New dungeon theme.
- Varied tree heights.
- Cleaner and generally better looking world generation.
- 20 new NPC names!
- NPC interaction (click to talk).
- Ladders can now be added to Holes.
- Carpets.
- Fireplaces.
- Beds.
- New tutorials! (+ Revamped the old one).
- Consumable items (fully functional this time).
- Crit system (20% chance).
- Right-click support to screen resolution options and language options.
- 10 new items.
- 2 new item types: material and misc.

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