Conquest of Elysium 3 is an old school fantasy strategy game. You explore your surroundings conquer locations that provides the resources you need. Resources needed vary much depending on what character you are, e.g. the high priestess need places where she can gather human sacrifices, the baron needs places where tax can be collected and where iron can be mined. These resources can then be used for magic rituals and troop recruitments. The main differentiator for this game is the amount of features and special abilities that can be used. The game can be played on Windows, Linux (x86 and raspberry pi) and Mac OSX (intel and powerpc).

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Feb 16 2013 Anchor

I recently bought this game on Steam, and for some reason I am getting extremely low FPS in this game. Like literally only a few frames per second, even on the menu screen. When I'm playing a game it even takes a second for my clicks to register, but mouse cursor movement seems entirely unaffected. I'm not sure what is causing this, because I can run most games and all my drivers are up to date.

This is on version 3.17 by the way.

[EDIT] Never mind, apparently there was some driver conflict or something. It's fixed now.

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Apr 29 2013 Anchor

Hi there-

I'm actually having the same issue. I'm running Windows via bootcamp on an iMac. Which driver was giving you issues? I would love to try and get this working on this machine.

May 6 2013 Anchor

Sorry about the late response.

You need drivers that support OpenGL. Intel HD graophics drivers especially for older stuff are notoriously flaky with this game. I have no idea what kind of graphics the iMac has, but if it's something from ATI or Nvidia, install the latest stuff.

May 21 2013 Anchor

I am having exactly the same problem, not only for CoE but also with Dominions!

I have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT... does somebody know which drivers should I use?

May 25 2013 Anchor

Ok... I'm not saying this will work in all cases, but I have an ATI Radeon 3100 on my Toshiba Laptop running Windows 8.

The article indicates that one needs to install the Windows 7 drivers for your video card from the manufacturer's website, right click on the installer, go to Properties > Compatibility tab, select Windows 7 and turn on Run as Administrator. Install the drivers.

For me, the above made Conquest of Elysium work perfectly. However... It also broke some of my Windows 8 applications, so.... I went into the driver and clicked "upgrade" which then reinstalled the Windows 8 display driver from Microsoft, so I said to myself... Crap... I don't want to install a different driver every time I want to play, but when I tested CoE, it still worked.

My account is new, so I can't post links. To find the Microsoft article, google "opengl problems on windows 8" and look for the link or read the excerpt here:

Try the following steps and let’s know the result. Method 1: Download the drivers for the Windows 7 and Install it in Compatibility Mode. 1) Download the drivers for the Windows 7 from the manufacturer’s website and save it in the computer. 2) Right click on the setup file, scroll down to Properties and click Properties. 3) On the window that pops up, click Compatibility tab. 4) Under Compatibility mode, check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for”. 5) In the scroll down select “Windows 7” 6) Under Privilege Level, check the box “Run this program as an administrator” 7) Click Apply and Ok.

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