3 races clash in this Real Time Strategy game set in the near future. Play as the newcomer Terrans, the insect-like Mantis and the mysterious Celereons. Build massive fleets and rage war across multiple star systems connected by wormholes.

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Conquest:Frontier wars custom maps!

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here are a few custom maps i might try to make

(if i recall right the Conquest:VU mod in-game map remove all the VU stuff on the maps and Conquest frontier wars can load the map no problem if i recall right)

my first custom game map will be

1. HQ Defense
(1) nightmare AI mantis with endless resorceses
(4) players with there HQ's all on one planet

the map would look something like this

im not sure how the Victory will be..leave suggestions

the planet between the Gas and Ore field all players will have refiners there

the Red lines are energy ribbens ships can not fly through them

2. Light ship War

(4) players 2 Terran 1 mantis 1 cel

you will have 0 ore and gas to get

(1) HQ per player

map would look like this

the game plays as units spawn after a time for that player race

battle it out and the winner is the one that lives! im not sure if i can do this...but i can make the map! :P

3. can you kill one unit?

(4) players

(1) AI

ok yes i pulled this from Starcraft:Brood war but come on! it was a fun map!

AI nightmare AI with one dreadnought follows a path that leads to your only HQ

map would look like this

Victory will be killing the dreadnought


so..after it is dead you will have to just hit quit

4. Ion Cannon Death Battle

(4) players all Terran

map would look like this

the stars show the spawn points of the fabs

everything is unlocked your missions is to build ion cannons and kill your hostile HQ before yours is dead!

5. Fighter War

(4) players

all tech unlocked

map looks like this

the stars shows where Oricals will spawn (all players will be mantis but will have one Orical for scouting)

6. Troop Ship Run

(4) players

(1) Nightmare AI

the AI has a Swarm of corvettes

the players has 10 troopships

the goal is run thorw out the maze in the map getting to the end (and trying to hold off the attackers along the way..)

at the end you can take over heavy shipyards and what you need for Lancer cruiser to Destroy the corvette swarm

map unkown what will look like

if people are interested in playing any of thees then i will make the first one as a test


What are you using to make maps?

I remember a map maker but can't find it anywhere.

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