CONFLICT: Omega is a post-apocalyptic MMO project under development by VoodooFusion Studios Was the world destroyed by a corporate biological mistake or by eco-terrorists, bent on the destruction of capitalism?? Choose your side and fight! Our group is attempting to mix the genres of the post-apocalypse, survival horror, FPS, RPG and RTS' While this may sound like a "kitchen sink" approach, we feel that the mixing of game capabilities that will yield the most freedom and immersive gameplay' Players can choose from one of two sides: > Corporate (high tech, militaristic corporations that live in domed modern cities) > Outlanders (rust tech, guerilla nomads that live in junkyard cities) Players can also choose from one of 3 races: >PureHuman: most well-rounded set of skills and traits >Bio-Borg: cyborg type, leaning toward higher intel, lower physical >MutaGen: radiated mutant or genetic experiment, lower intel, higher physical stats The game will be centered in PvP throughout a...

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