8-Bit Commando is a run and gun platformer with fast-paced action, a rocking soundtrack, local multiplayer and explosions. The graphics will take you back to the classic age of gaming and the gameplay is bound to challenge even the most seasoned vets.

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It's like I'm really playing Contra! Except everything's terrible.


Smaxx says

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I really like this game and it reminds me a lot of old console classics like Contra. The only real downside here is the fact that (at least in the first mission; playing the demo only), there aren't such a lot of enemies. There's quite some variety, but you have to be very lucky to grab any upgrades.

Plus side is, it's a lot more forgiving considering you've got an unlimited amount of lives. However, the time remaining isn't reset on deaths, so it's possible you start again, just to see the final game over screen 5 seconds later due to your time running out. The bonus items seem to be placed at fixed locations (visible or hidden/contained in an enemy or destructible item), however what they become is random. This is nice, except one fact: If you respawn right before the boss, you'll get one upgrade. This can be a weapon, making the fight a lot easier. However, it could be a medikit as well, being absolutely pointless (given the fact you just respawned at full health).

Oh, right, the health bar. It's probably one of those games the Angry Video Game Nerd would rage about. There are like 10 pips of health you've got. Falling into a gap will kill you instantly (which is fine), but all(?) enemy shots will take away at least 2 pips of health. The question: Why even have 10 pips with everything taking 2 away? Wouldn't a health bar with 5 pips be more useful then?

Anyway, if you liked the classic Contra, you'll most likely love this game, too. Although it plays slower, with less bullets and less enemies on screen. Best bet, try the demo.

This is so awesome!!! Love the graphics, game play, definitely has an NES/Arcade feel to it!


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Childhood Times are back in town :)

A short, nice challenging old school-esque game with a lot common with games like Contra.


What a great tribute to Contra. Definitely worth picking up, especially considering there are online leaderboards to keep you playing.


Es un homenaje a Contra, me encanta, los felicito.


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