Colour Bind is a physics platform-puzzler set in an abstract world where gravity is determined not by mass, but by colour. Navigate this unique world by manipulating colour and gravity to solve each level. Beating each unique puzzle in Colour Bind will take patience, intelligence, quick reflexes and sometimes even a helping hand from a friend.

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This game is much more challenging than one might expect from screenshots or even short game clips. However that is meant mostly as a compliment, not as a detraction. It is an interesting physics puzzle game that finds new ways of challenging the player to complete a time trial in each of 50 levels.

The game lacks a little polish in the execution however. Although I don't expect especially fancy graphics for something of this nature, I think Colour Bind could have improved theirs a bit. Also some of the concepts in one or two levels passed challenging and bordered on the obtuse. A more gradual learning curve, or slightly less cryptic instructions may have been in order.

Despite those minor complaints, the game is solid and presents some great ideas and puzzles. These are backed up with tight controls which are a must for a game of this genre.


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