Clean’Em Up is a PC Top Down Shooter with neon graphics and enormous number of on screen enemies. You play as an Upgradable Antivirus; you seek and destroy viruses, collect and protect files and face huge Bosses. The story is simple: Your Computer has been hacked...It's now under attack... Dozens of viruses and other threats have penetrated your System... Files have been infected...Sectors have been damaged... The Security Army is your last hope to regain order throughout your system.

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I love this engine, its great for fast prototyping and the code workflow is great

good game for an indie and also creative way to express it in killing virus.

Tron meets Diablo. 'nuff said.


As far as twin stick shooters go, this is a challenging but fun one with each 'sector' taking only a few minutes to complete. The frantic play mixed with the customizable player ship makes this enjoyable and the price is very hard to beat. The only reason I didn't give it a 10/10 is the lack of gamepad support, but the keyboard play is almost fun. Give it a try!



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